Child Safety Professionals Meet at the Child Safety Society

Accidents require the lives of more children and young people over the age of one than all diseases. The goal is to reduce the number of deaths due to accidental accidents by 30 percent in a year to 0-24 years.

This is the Anniversary of the 3rd European Conference on Security, organized for Hungarian professionals on June 15, 2011 in Gödöllö.
Almost szбzцtven pediatrician, vйdхnх йs egйszsйgьgyi szakdolgozу talбlkozott the Orszбgos Children egйszsйgьgyi Intйzet (OGYE) йs organized by the United Way Magyarorszбg Erхforrбs Alapнtvбny posts by these people, the Kцzlekedйsi Biztosнtу Egyesьlet (KЦBE) posts by these people tбmogatott egйsz day gyermekbiztonsбgi konferenciбn that the domestic Eurуpai Uniуs elnцksйg priority rendezvйnye volt.
Experts agree that without the blurring of society as a whole, the number of fatalities caused by accident is not significantly reduced. During the summer school holidays at home, in the shores of the waterfront, and even in the middle of the night, more attention needs to be paid to children in order to prevent trouble - warned Pбll Gabriella, OGYEI Adviser, Home Physician, Head of the Organizing Committee of the event. The specialist, describing the National Child and Youth Safety Action Plan, said that the program aims to prevent the most serious accidents by accident. The Action Plan is to coordinate road safety, the safety of homes and children's facilities, safe play, leisure and sports activities, and the coordination of domestic accident prevention activities. "Not only helping parents and young people, but continuing training for professionals in many areas, is extremely important in prevention; it is the kind of society that Gabriel can save every year as well as his or her life." According to the practitioner, there is a lot of danger from young children to adolescents; drowning, boiling, falling, poisoning, overtaking, traffic and sports accidents every year - especially during the summer holidays - many thousands of children are killed and killed between 250-300. The most important goal of the Action Plan is to reduce accidental deaths by 30 percent in the 0-24 age group over a decade, the expert summarized.
The most exciting program of the conference was the water safety presentation, which featured water and water hazard situations in a glass pool, rescue and first aid for children in distress. The presentation, organized by the Saint Flurian Bunny Sports Association and the Hungarian Children's Rescue Foundation, also invited the invited guests to learn the basic tricks to prevent tragedy. He gave a lecture at the conference Dinesh Sethi, World Health Organization (WHO) Chief Coordinator for Accident Prevention, Csaba KissChairman of the National Accident Prevention Committee and others Zacher Gbbor too. The chief doctor of toxicology at Petertery Street Barracks has talked about the risks of alcohol and drugs, as well as the potential for prevention. Preventing traffic accidents in children and adolescents Ferenc Pausz, president of the Global Road Safety Partnership Hungary Association, and about school accident prevention Red Йva, United Way Program Director for Hungary has spoken. Zsolt Gorda, Product Development Manager at KUBE, emphasized that the role of insurers in mitigating accidents is far from over. The Association is also doing more to prevent this, has created the Club of Conscious Leaders, gives direct benefits to parents with children, and organizes and promotes road safety events. The Child Safety Conference Gyérgy Gémesi it was opened by the Mayor of Gödöllö.
OGYEI is an institution for data collection, analysis, information, research, methodological and organizational tasks related to the health, health care and health care of Hungarian children. It is involved in policy, financial, quality control and educational tasks affecting the child health care system.
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