If your baby hates the car carrier

Based on the reports from your friends, your friends seem to be the only one in the earth who doesn't give birth. What can you do?

Here are some tips:

- If the situation is unavoidable, you should avoid the car as much as possible, especially if you find the type of travel that you will endure. You may like traveling by public transport - because the stroller, or in a buckle, wrapped in a cloth, feels really safe around the world.
- Many babies have the problem that they do not like lying on their backs, they would rather peep, and watch out for the cold running around. If you can, try out more car carriers (like your acquaintances) before buying it, from the point of view of what it can be! Decisive prices are higher, for example.
- Getting started with nutrition is a good idea if you bring some action and fun with you on the move.
- Modern Mommy, Modern Kid: If you have a smartphone and some data traffic, show her videos and tales from the net. You can also put a DVD player on the front seats.
- Have some fun games you can put in your hand, a storybook you can watch.
"Say, sing, tell, if you pay attention to them at home, you can distract him during the car ride too! If nothing else, trust that it will grow quickly ..."

Good luck getting your baby out of the car

  • When should I buy a car?
  • In the car with the little one
  • Therefore, do not travel too much with your baby in the car