The viscera develop at the eleventh week of gestation, and two weeks later the external genitals develop, although ultrasound does not allow the sex of the fetus to be recognized.

The testicles are still in the abdomen, with the girls in the ovary. Around four weeks before birth, they are shed in the scrotum. After birth, the doctor examines the scrotum for the presence of testicles in the first examination.
The boys are almost one or both of the testicles in the abdominal cavity or in the patella above the scrotum. Usually, the arachnid process continues, and the testicles are placed in their place.
This is important because of the lower product capacity. The stratum corneum, from which the sperm will be produced, and the human germ cells themselves, are damaged by the warmth of the inside of the body, normally in the scrotum, which is lower. If the problem is not resolved by the age of one year, hormone therapy or surgery will bring the testicles into the scrotum.
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