Maternal care: learn how to handle it!

On the heart is a basic sentiment that we all experience in our lives. The sensation that we are impotent, wrong, or simply not good enough. As our mother hopes, it will probably be more common in our lives.

"That's right. I know this sensation well as a psychologist. I see it on my order almost every day, and I know how sensitive it is," says Dr. Tracy Dalgleish, a clinical psychologist.
"This is a surprisingly intense and painful sensation that we experience when we consider ourselves to be wrong in some way and therefore do not feel that we are acceptable, lovable", says Bruce och.
Almost one of the most unpleasant sensations that can remove us from our environment can even make us completely isolated. First of all, we often miss the feeling because most of the time we are automatically assisted by other sensory reactions. Yeah, sadness, fear, disgust and so much. We are able to trigger reactions that we would not expect of ourselves. Often blaming the other, denying the story, or distracting the feelings of the other, but it may also be a total retreat is a response when you are completely avoiding the situation and avoiding the conflict. we somehow find it very difficult to talk about roula. But it would be important - please Mother.ly.It is a strong feeling that is associated with various problems, hardships, low esteem or even relationships or family tensions. While reading this article, you may also experience moments when you have been on the bed for less than a pleasant feeling. Have you ever seen a baby? Maybe as a partner? Or during a work meeting when you said something, but you didn't feel right afterwards? Possibly requesting a pay raise?If we learn how to respond appropriately to our senses, it can, in an extraordinary way, boost our confidence, our mental healthAnd also our relationships. So let's see what we can do about it.Often the motherhood is the patience

1. Recognize and acknowledge the sensor!

Begin by remembering what you feel when you smell something. Nyomasztу? Do you cover everything? Does your stomach tighten and disappear most easily? Do you always come up in a certain situation and encourage you to do something? Are you afraid to say that people will die badly because of your actions? Are you locking up and avoiding people? What exactly is going on in you? What does your inner voice say? If you have clarified the above, try to make a difference whether you are feeling more guilty or really good. This will help you go where you want to go. Guilt comes from thoughts when you feel you are doing something wrong, or if you haven't been helpful enough. Guilt is a healthy feeling. Indicates that we are doing something wrong with our behavior, and that we are doing something that is closest to us, correcting the mistake. Believe it, everyone makes a mistake! Allow yourself the chance to make a mistake, but learn from it, change it and go further! For example, if you have a feeling of guilt because you overreact to a child's emotional distress, or yelling at him, you continue to sink deeper and deeper, despite constant struggles. Ask yourself, "Do I feel like a bad mother?" "Do I feel bad for myself?" Sometimes identifying myself with feelings (for example, "I've noticed that I feel sick when ...") can help.
"When I work with my clients on this issue, I like to have a sense of perception. One of my patients wrote down the sensation as if it had sunk deeper into the bar than ever. we recognized and managed the situation more effectively "- share your experience dr. Dalgleish.Related Article: The biggest motherfucker

2. Make a mistake and try to make a "better" mistake!

THE perfectionism a propulsion that unfortunately very often leads to fatigue. We explain to ourselves that we have to do everything perfectly, and that we are constantly pursuing unpredictable goals. And while this strong determination can help us to really get things done, unfortunately, it also rejects us as we begin to feel depressed due to possible hardships and failures. It can be a job or a job. Or just enough that we can't do as much in a given time as we would have liked. As a mother, for example, is there an ongoing internal struggle to make good decisions about parenting, are we good mothers before? Smoke perception is very easy between these expectations.
But what if instead of constantly focusing on capital, we tried to make a deliberate mistake? Interesting twists and turns, right? Pema Chödrцn he teaches it; "Fall. Fall back. Fall better!" But what does that mean? Just because we will continually fail in our lives, there will always be challenges, challenges that will subside for a while. This is simply not to be avoided. Instead of trying to avoid failure and trying to meet impenetrable expectations, let us sometimes have the chance to be successful. Accept it if we have some struggles, if something is causing trouble, or if it fails.Related Article: Mother and Consciousness - Not everything goes at the same time

3. Acceptance and Release

There are many things in life that we do not control that we have no control over. We cannot control events or situations beyond our control. Neither can we control our thoughts or senses, since they also occur spontaneously.
"I often hear from my patients that they want to control certain feelings or get rid of certain thoughts. dr. Dalgleish.The important thing is that instead of succumbing to these feelings, accept them objectively: they are all emotions and thoughts. We should not let negative thoughts like "I'm a bankrupt" or "I'm not good enough" mean more than just words intertwined with our brains that have responded to a situation. It can also be acquired with the help of so-called mindfulness. The tudatossбg or йber jelenlйt бll kйt цsszetevхbхl: one szemйly belsх йlmйnye at the moment, is one of the mбsik bнrбlat nйlkьli nйzхpont ugyanarrуl keresztьl the esemйnyrхl, pillanatrуl.A tudatossбgon megprуbбlhatunk nyitottsбgot, kedvessйget йs kнvбncsisбgot tбrsнtani szйgyenйrzetьnkhцz instead of the usual negatнv йrzelmek .Now, let's try to put our negative feelings and thoughts on a leaf and let the wind gently flatten that leaf. The overexperience needs and keeps ordering. Because our brains are very good at trying to distract us from the moment. Let's try out some different applications or podcasts that will guide you through some awareness exercises, so you can easily find out which method is best for you to learn the technique.Related Article: The child needs an incomplete mother

4. Talk to people who are important to us

We all have a great need for affection and affirmation. We are simply "wired" for connection. But smiles often stop us from doing so. Many people are afraid to share their deeper feelings with others because they feel they will love them. in turn Sharing our senses with our loved ones is one of the best ways to overcome your sense of smell.
Comparing and understanding your loved ones, your friends, helps us to normalize what we feel, and even give them some good tips on how to overcome this destructive feeling. we would like to talk about it. Let's use some of the first person ("I feel like," "I'm suffering that ..."). Let's start communicating by sharing the little things. Often, once we open up to each other, we find that our senses are not alone, but even that our interlocutor is just like us.Related Article: So save your friendship after birth!

5. Do what is important to you

We cannot completely eliminate the sense of smell. It is very important, therefore, that we do not allow us to get bogged down in the enjoyment of our lives. When treating anxiety and depressive symptoms, it is also important that:
  • accept that there are things we can't change,
  • decide what is really important in our lives,
  • let's take steps to do things that are important to us!
Let's say it's important for us to stay in touch with our friends. Then pick up the phone and arrange a meeting! Or let's sit down and play with our kids instead of worrying about not being able to spend time with us. It is important that we do things that are meaningful to us because it will fill us up and make it easier for us to overcome our patience!