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What makes a baby sick?

The first signs of the disease may be one of the other, as well as the opposite: waking up, restlessness, insomnia more often than usual. If no other signal is seen, it does not need to be given more meaning.

It does not necessarily indicate a disease if the baby is persistently crying. Seek medical attention if there is another symptom of illness. The pediatrician will not be angry even if you "just" call because you are worried and do not understand the cause of the pain.


Unambiguously indicates that your body is struggling with laxatives. However, a slight increase in heat may occur after a more lively, hot bath. After half an hour of rest we rehydrate fever.

High fever is a clear sign

Cough, runny nose

Very early in infancy, severe inflammation of the upper respiratory tract can lead to more severe inflammation. Anxiety may indicate that the baby is not feeling well, and his face and forehead are filled with wishes.

Restless sleep

You can wake up with a little bit of pain in the middle of a cold. Shallowly, relentlessly shitty, over his bosom, desperate. Generally, you can see that you have moderate inflammation.


Make sure you take the baby to a doctor if your baby is black or bloody. Foamy, tender, faint stools are usually a sign of viral gastritis and self-heal within a few days. Fluids are the most important!


If it only happens once and the baby plays happily, you don't have to worry. However, if you have a recurrence or other symptoms, do not hesitate to see a doctor!
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