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So we certainly won't slow down the kid's movement

Parents can do a lot to ensure that the pace of their toddler's movement is not disturbed by anything. Many times, even when something is not done.

Don't Help If You Don't Have To (Photo: iStock)In relation to the early development of motion in young children, we tend to forget that it is not so much a matter of life, that it determines life independently of each condition, so that it can be developed. "It is a well-established context in the context of movement and we can only determine from this context whether a movement aid or a toy is helping our child's development," he emphasizes. Cecnlia Nagy-Túszegi JIT-therapist, pediatrician and researcher, who also points out that children's movement development it starts in the womb. "The egyensъlyi the testьnk mozgбsakor izmaibуl, нzьleteibхl йrkezх йs tapintбsi stimuli йszlelх systems you have already in mйhen belьl mыkцdйsbe lйpnek. The nagymozgбs fejlхdйse and these йpьl rб -hozzбkapcsolva the kьlvilбgbуl йrkezх, pйldбul lбtбsi, hallбsi stimuli. Just ъgy can jуl fejlхdni the mozgбskoordinбciу if the stimuli from our own body and from the world are properly connected in our different channels. This process is coordinated by our nervous system, our brain. "

From the ball to the swing

In addition to a healthy nervous system, experts believe that a good relationship between primary care and the baby is essential for a healthy heart rate to develop - secure conclusion. Sensitive attention, for example, is a weakness not only for fatigue but also for development. The elsх physical experience йli бt the csecsemх the anyбval valу about kцzцs physical йlmйnyekben, йs the mozgбs also valу the kцrnyezettel connection fejlхdik. "The szьlхk segнthetik best biztonsбgos, inspirбlу felfedezйsre kцrnyezet megteremtйsйvel gyermekьk mozgбsos tapasztalatszerzйsйt, fejlхdйsйt. The egyensъlyrendszer early fejlхdйsйt named we make sure that they rock, cheer and rock their babies a lot, "says the expert. "When a mother smiles at the ball with her toddler, it almost certainly arouses the interest of the child, who, because of her close maternal relationship, is motivated to go and know the things her mother is showing her." It can be caused by such interdependencies generalized developmental delaysif you neglect babies emotionally - as you know from previous nursing home experience. depends on the context for what meaning an activity gets. "For example, if the swing is a tool for common gaming activities, it is highly recommended because the swing will balance the balance system and the experience in the field and the relationship itself - as well as the close distance. because the parent wants to keep their child safe without having to deal with it, then it cannot be called a good device because it makes for passivity and loss of connection. "A device that stimulates the equilibrium is all that good; trampoline; swings suspended at one point, because you can spin there; a larger ball to lie on or to rest on; or thank you, if the parents are among them. Of course, you can only take advantage of these excesses if the mother or father is patient and attentive to the child. And if the caregiver repeats a sentence in the game, he or she will support the speech developer, which, as the expert points out, is very closely related to movement.

Don't help if you don't have to

Parents should be an important consideration for small children get more bodily experiences they get it - that is, they do it well if they let the little ones try, which includes gaining the experience of moving from touch. For example, if a toddler loves to smudge, decompose mud, and food, then he or she should, of course, leave it to him, as it is very important for him to gain developmental experience in the world. But during their care, for example, bathing or massaging also provides the body with a sense of physicality through tactile sensation. This is also important to bear in mind, as Cecilia Nagy-Tuzsz says, if a small child survives like this - for example, because you can permanently choose the mobile, tablet, which you do not have And moving experiences - then that's kind of like in kindergarten adjustment difficulties eredmйnyezhet. After all, if a child's movement is not very stable, he / she can often get involved (without any bad intentions) with other small children, which can be a source of conflict. If you do not feel stable in your own body, you can easily be left out of ovis or schoolchildren's exercise games, team games, so isolated - and this can cause you to be anxious. moving, arousing your interest - whether it's jumping into the pool or getting to your favorite things - and he and his environment are always safe, so let's give it a go. parents should not try to help their child when it is not needed. Don't take your hand for the first time when you do your little first steps, because this, or "any supportive tool that can help you improve your equilibrium system, will not help you." the goal is to learn how to use your own balance. "Just as if a child can't stand up on his own, he can't make a single kick, he must not try and challenge him." Instead, if you realize that your child should start to get wet, not go anyway, then you need to turn to an expert in early development, movement development - just to reassure us that there is nothing wrong. If, on the other hand, a practitioner is actually experiencing a movement disorder, it is important that a small child receives appropriate mobility assistance as soon as possible.

If you miss a flight of stairs

Cecnlia Nagy-Tüszegi emphasizes that for the parents the cross movements also recommended to pay attention (which, of course, can help them too). These, like cooking and yoga, help to reconcile the two brains, which is also essential for movement - and of course not just that. In practice, according to the experts, "this is the only way information is circulated between the brains of the brain, which forms and evolves There is no need to be scared, however, even if you find that your child wants to get up first, so that he or she is not ready. Let's not get bogged down in exercising a new skill, but create a lot of play situations where you can gain enough experience in cross-country movement. Examples include tunneling, finishing on mattresses, or asymmetric fabrics. On the other hand, it is still worthwhile to consult a physiotherapist who deals with movement development - just as you might suggest if you think your child's movement is asymmetric, one-sided, strange, is different than usual: for example, if you bend only one of your legs or backward. "In this case, we can help the little ones get in the right way of moving in time, preventing further problems." In these cases, it may be advisable for parents to exercise regularly with their child at home. Cecilia Nagy-Tüszegi emphasizes that we should only carry out these exercises in such a way that they are a fun, playful activity for the child. "If the child becomes distressed, lousy, and the parent-child relationship is in conflict with one of our recommended activities, practices, then we should consult again and seek the sйrьljцn. "Related articles:
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