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Who have children struggling with health

Bethesda Children's Hospital is home to the National Children's Center. Occasionally, the tiniest part of the country comes from the little ones and the kids, which can take weeks or even months to heal.

Without the presence of a parent, severe mental illness in children with severe deafness can simply not be stabilized. It is these moms who can often rest in the corridors, beneath their babies, which exhausts them all the time. Thus, even the most severely deprived children cannot receive the maternity, livelihood that they need to survive on their own. The kуrhбz ezйrt nхnap alkalmбbуl was notified that it will йgйsi kцzpont fуkuszбlni adomбnyi йpнtйsйre anyaotthonбnak, adу 1% йs mбs karitatнv forrбsait is.Magyar Reformбtus Egyhбz Bethesda Gyermekkуrhбz kьlцnleges place that talбn the intйzmйny himself "a reward to tehetjьk" expresses the most beautiful mottуja . It goes without saying that the care of a sick child is never a mere medical request.

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To heal children not just healing work, but it also requires spiritual support to have her parents with her, and to provide the warmth and affection that even the best doctor, only the mother, can provide. This is often preceded by a small, quiet corner where the mother can take care of her little baby or simply wake her head while doctors and nurses work to heal her baby.
THE Bethesda it is also special because it is here the only childbearing center in the country. This also means that we are going to spend weeks, even months, in the grave for the children. That is why it is important for the mother-in-law to be available and to thank all the supporters, all the helpers with whom the whole House has worked, to do all that we have to do.
THE Bethesda Children's Hospital his community is not merely concerned with mother at home but also made a number of concrete steps to achieve enlightenment. Empowering such a serious developer cannot succeed one day or the other. THE Bethesda that's why he has sought out some well-known, well-known companies who have worked in health in some way, who can not only lean on their goals and support them in some way, but also want to do it in a true partnership.
Among others, TORK and ZEWA made - SCA's "Living with Life" program with the Bethesda Foundation, a "Better Post for Health" every year for more than $ 3.5 million. A big part of this is thanks to Hungarian women who gave $ 50 in ZEWA handkerchiefs per box, which adds up to $ 2.5 million in SPAR / INTERSPAR and $ 1 million more in SCA's work.
Bethesda's Century of Ages and SCA ltd thank all moms on this occasion that they can succeed together. Betheda will continue to bring home the home of SCA's Care of Life program "Better Health Mission".
They also ask their moms to help their mothers with their offer by offering one of their 100th anniversary this year.