If the winter is shorter, is the spring longer?

Spring has arrived, too, but experts say the transition period will continue from time to time, with serious environmental and economic consequences that we should not ignore.

Is long spring blood for us?

"Originally, spring is a shorter process than the rest of the season. The water melts and the water starts to freeze. The ground heats up and starts to cure. After a long, cold winter, when it has rained a lot, he wakes up at the same time, like that man feels it all happens at once, very suddenly, in seconds" - says Alexandra Contosta, a researcher at the University of New Hampshire who conducts research on the subject. In recent years, many sites have become shorter and lighter on the northern side, which means spring is also coming slowerand the process takes longer. The warmer and shorter the winter, the longer it takes for it to spring and the processes to catch up. In such cases, the torrential downpour lasts longer, the germs appear shorter, and the tides are more frequent. According to the latest publication published in .

Immune booster tips

To help your child ease the changes in the weather, especially when it is a whirlwind spring, when one day the sun is shining, but the day after, it is important to pay attention to your immune system. How?- It is impossible to pre-emphasize the importance of eating healthy foods for your child. If you want your body to be strong and resilient, you should choose foods that support your immune system. These immune-boosting meals help him do this. Make sure you have the right amount of vitamins. It is best to give them vitamins in the form of fresh greens and fruits, but if your child does not like to eat them, choose a multivitamin. If you do not consume enough vitamins for your child, you may become tired, depressed, weak, and less likely to get a cold. Vitamin C is one of the most important immuno and lemon and kiwi fruit. Vitamin D levels are essential for the immune system to function properly. In our country, 94% of adults suffer from vitamin D deficiency at the very end, unfortunately values ​​are not much better for young children. Make sure you have enough fresh air every day. For a small child, it is ideal to have at least one air per day in the air and fill it with active movement. Explore new jet skis, take a walk in the park, dart the ducks at a nearby beach. Take the ball with you and play outdoors. Fresh air and exercise greatly contribute to maintaining your health.- After a busy day, it is important for your child to relax, as your body regenerates during sleep. If you have a restful sleep, you can start a new, challenging day tomorrow.Related Articles:
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