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Meglepetйs! They learn faster from babiesThey do better from unexpected things

Does your baby love playing peeps? No wonder, because it is very entertaining to their number. However, researchers have now proven that surprise power greatly helps babies in learning and developing cognitive abilities.

The power of surprise helps development

When something hits the baby unexpectedly, that is to say, it surprises him (for example, a player does not behave exactly as he expects), it is not only entertaining for the little one, but it also moves the brain betteras a predictable event. Cognitive developmental psychologists at Johns Hopkins University in the United States say that not only do babies focus on surprises, but they also move their minds about why the baby doesn't look the same. And a place of interest filled with more exciting things. How do you know what to keep in mind, what to carry important information, and what you can safely ignore? However, if the reaction differs from the value, it is a new learning opportunity for the little ones, "he said. Lisa FeingensonThe research-related experiment involved 11-month-old babies, who were shown a predictable or surprising game. For example, they hit a ball on a ramp and then stopped it with a wall. The second part of the experiment was similarly constructed, but the wall did not stop the ball, but rolled on it in a "magic" way. In another experiment, they found a small train out of a box or rolled it in the air in a "magical" way. made games), wanted to understand how it works. For example, I found out how hard or soft the ball is, how it responds when it is dropped or placed on the table. Not only have they become more interested in innovation and surprise, they learned faster"When babies come up with something new, they do not simply reflexively respond to the condition, but it moves them in a way that delights and rewards them more and more. is also very positive for development, "the researchers said.