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A potty party?

The iPad, paired with a party, has caused a huge uproar worldwide. You have wondered if you need it.

The iPottyt it was shown in Las Vegas last week at the world's largest electronic novelty exhibition, and, of course, has caused worldwide outrage, mainly because most psychologists do not recommend it for two years. However, merchants are shaking their hands and promising that the $ 12,000 bill (which, of course, isn't included in the price of the iPad, will be available on Amazon in March) will be a success in Ireland. Because people have made a demand.
On the one hand there is the siblingto book some of our kids and win some free minutes, so a lot of under-2s had their mothers cell phone or tablet in their hands. The more expensive the more often.
Because, let's face it, the smartphone has the great advantage of having the list-top remote control so far: lots of kids' programs can be downloaded. Нgy amнg kбvйjбt the mother drinks, the baby will hear the English бbйcйt. Even the most eminent experts admit that daily electronic work for a couple of minutes does not appeal to anyone.
But the party is a bit steep to see. Elsх pillantбsra But just because the do hбt kezйt who does not read the ъjsбgot vйcйn. Even if you could just carry it with you! Recent surveys have shown that many are replaced by new ones smartphone they carry with them. Because you have to train, and you need some fun. But not just us. The kids also loved tцbbsйge if you do not have termelйs kцzben bored. However, this is a sometimes long process. In my mother's time, the radicals tied the naughty pouch to the party, the more lenient ones piled up picture books with the kid. When I was a kid, I have already tйvй the elй ьltetхs mуdszer dнvott. Then modern technology came along and my track got a lot of music from grandma, and I saw the miracle, pressing the buttons really made the result easier. If you look at it from here, the tablet pool is just another step up. I'm not saying you and I'm not saying I'm not surprised. But it is reassuring that the structure comes with a special protective foil against pee and other smudges, and if you close the top of the potty, you can use a plain scarf. If you put your iPad in this specially designed carry case during play, you don't have to worry about your child dropping or killing it.