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It declares an international emergency because of the WHO Congolese Ebola Law

At the same time, the commission's leader emphasized that the law posed a regional and non-global threat.

The WHO has also called on neighboring countries to increase their ability to recognize and handle cases because of the fear that the law may spread to other countries.It declares an international emergency because of the WHO Congolese Ebola Law Robert Steffen, however, the head of the committee emphasized that the jury is regional and non-global This is the fifth time that an international emergency has been declared in the WHO history. As a matter of judgment, the organization makes international recommendations and financial support is available for this area. The organization then argued that a trip would cause too much economic damage, because the travel and commercial restrictions it causes could cause serious damage to the Congolese economy. However, on Monday, it was significant that ebola was ahead of Goma in the North-Kivu province of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The virus first appeared in this millionth settlement since the law was reopened in Africa last August. The World Health Organization (WHO) Tedros Adhanom-Ghebreyesus According to betegsйg megjelenйse megvбltoztathatja the East kongуi Gomбban the vнrus terjedйsйnek ьtemйt.A Rwanda, Uganda йs hatбrhoz egyarбnt kцzel esх Goma vбrosбban egyelхre 22 people fertхzхdhetett the vнrussal the kongуi egйszsйgьgyi minisztйrium Wednesday kцzlйse Democratic szerint.A Kongуi Kцztбrsasбgban last kitцrt ebolajбrvбnynak you have already been tцbb with more than 1,600 fatalities and a total of 2,500 infected with the disease. For the first time, the Circuit takes its victims in a conflict-stricken area, where about a hundred rebellious groups fight with each other to control the extraction of treasures. In the meantime, According to reports by the organization, a Congolese woman who died in July - who was later found to be infected with the virus - went bad in a Ugandan market where she went to fish. A woman in the Ugandan market has repeatedly found herself at risk, with the virus spreading. According to the report, the woman could have had contact with 19 other fish, and another 590 people could be vaccinated. The Ugandan and Congolese authorities are currently trying to locate people who may be in danger of being contacted by the women. The color natural carriers are not yet known, the most expensive of which are bats. The course is transmitted by direct contact with the body fluid of an infected person or animal. The disease is accompanied by severe bleeding, and in some cases the mortality rate can be as high as 90 percent. The heaviest Ebola rally claimed the lives of at least 11,000 people in West Africa in 2014-15.