Addition: BLISS, that is, BLW safely

BLISS stands for Baby-Led Introduction to SolidS. The method was developed by professionals (New Zealand) to eliminate the lost dangers of the increasingly popular nutrition method, the BLW.

BLW has been around for a while, and most parents are probably familiar with it. This is the short for Baby Led Weaning, meaning baby-led empowerment based on a certain set of criteria. (Nutrition can begin when you can survive on your own; the baby eats what he or she can take, basically the family food, but with a little bit of switching - he might not eat it.)BLISS - Feedback If you like, BLISS has slightly modified the "pain points" of the BLW to minimize the risk. It was late, as the sample number was not very large, and as with most BLW research, there were shortcomings in the research method, so no far-reaching conclusions can be drawn from it. The result is therefore questionable that In the BLISS group, iron levels were adequate and less overexposure than in the BLW group.The BLISS method emphasizes:
  • introduction of foods rich in iron and energy (eg red meat)
  • the importance of avoiding drowning foods (eg raw apples)
The conclusion is that this method / approach can be used with certainty, but remember: the sample is very small. Understand that you have about a dozen children. Further research is needed to make this method available to parents.If your child wants to follow the BLW method, ask a specialist for help. According to international commentaries currently in the law, it is advisable to start the nutrition until the child is 26 weeks old, filling up the child's already exhausted reserves. Of course, this is all right, but as a general rule, at 6 months of age, you need more nutrient intake, so for example. it is not enough for months to feed the baby with apples and grease, and after the first attempts, it is advisable to use the meat to make the menu. Also on BLW it is advisable to introduce the flesh at the beginning of the diet, in a way that is easy for a child to consume (although one of the foundation stones of the BLW is self-sufficiency, which rarely occurs until 6 months of age).
Cut off all the flesh and variations. Ground, add a little grated greens, eggs and oatmeal to form small masses of rolls, and this little baby will grasp it lightly (finger food). Bake it in the oven, not in plenty of oil, it will be just as delicious, and your child will be full of valuable nutrients and healthy.
In consultation with your pediatrician, you will be sure to find the most appropriate diet for your child while discussing the methods. The point is that you are good at being good, and you are eating together. Stress-free, free of expectations, but safe.