During the happy nine months, the hair bulbs also become less aging, and the hair becomes whitened and healthy. But after childbirth, the situation changes again, usually to the misery of a mother.

The "stuck" hairline is now getting old and falling out almost simultaneously. Little girls are sad to see what kind of hairstyle they have become. Psychological factors are also involved in hormonal causes. The first few months are a stressful time for the body, and our tiredness, fatigue, and bodily exhaustion are exhausting and it is present on our hair. Many believe that breastfeeding also plays a role in hair loss, but this is a mistake, and even mothers who lose their hair will lose part of their crown. Consider it!
- It is a bad practice to apply shampoo directly to the hair. The concentrate destroys the scalp's fatty acid mantle, so the shampoo is first dissolved in a small glass of warm water.
- Thorough massaging will definitely benefit all types of scalp. It can cause blood circulation, which is often mild in the case of low blood pressure or calcification of the cervical vertebrae - this may be one of the causes of hair loss. Purebrush rubbing over the scalp, generous blood supply also stimulates hair growth and hair follicles.
- Wash greasy scalp with decoction of shampoo and burdock, then rinse with decoction - drink remainder.
- Put dry hair on dry hair after washing. Mix three egg whites with three tablespoons of cold pressed oil, a mocha spoon of vinegar, as much honey, and lubricate the hair. Let's cover the shower with a loose shower cap, wrap a towel over it, and heat it a bit with a hairdryer. The hot keratin extends to the outer keratin plates, making the active ingredients easier to penetrate into the hair.