Expert Opinion: The LL Junior Kid Didn't Go Fast

According to the technical opinion of the BRFK, the driver has driven up to 41-42 km / h at the moment of interconnection.

Expert opinion: The car was not driven fast by the L. L. Junior boy (photo: MTI / Zoltán Mihabdk)The little boy could spend a maximum of 1.4 seconds on the body when he was driven by a car on August 29, according to Index 24. This page is based on a technical opinion of BRFK.L. L. Junior's three-year-old son went with his mother to a pedestrian crossing that is separated by a footpath and two lights, but the whole section often can't be crossed by a single green sign. was the lamp. That's when Opel was kidnapped by a child. The baby boy was so severely injured that he died in a fatal shooting on the spot. km / h is the maximum speed allowed. According to the experts, with intensive cooking, it would have been possible to avoid gasification by traveling only 34-35 kilometers / urn, and in the case of so-called slow speeds, it would have been possible to avoid gas. Neither the detection nor the act of behaving when the pedestrian was moving in front of the accelerating vehicle was detected. " An eyewitness told me that the boy wanted to run red once before the accident, but then a woman held back, but after that he did not grab the boy's hand.
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