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Fire influences school education

Fire has a serious impact on a child's development and is not a bad idea, according to an American research paper.

Don't let him lose a lot

Perhaps there are no parents who would never let their baby go a little bit to get things done for example. cook dinner. Of course, we feel bad about ourselves, because we know that many deaths in adulthood are more likely to lead to death and other possible negative consequences. the more children are afraid of the screen, the less they expect school maturity. less or not at all. This was especially true for the children of families with lower existences.

Maximum 1 hour per day

The research encourages the American Association of Pediatricians (AAP) to maximize the time spent by young children between the ages of 2 and 5 before screening. Of course we can say this: it is easier said than done. Of course, in today's world, other gadgets (tablets, smartphones, etc.) are so important to everyone's life. Unfortunately, according to research, the development of children has a serious impact on their development. Researchers conducted 807 different background schools. Parents' financial situation and time spent with the kids before screening were also compared. (The use of video games, tablets and smartphones did not contribute to the research). Educators were given mathematical, linguistic, and basic cognitive and socio-sensory competences to measure tasks (such as memory, cognitive flexibility) that are prerequisites for school-leaving.

Lots of parents = low school graduation rates

Those kids, those who spent more than two hours per day with death were much worse off on tests. It was also observable that the worse the financial circumstances of the child were, the values ​​were lower in terms of school maturity. Seedlings of families in the immediate vicinity of the poverty line showed the worst results. Interestingly, high school children and high income families did not show such fall. Researchers believe this may be because in families with better livelihoods, probably the little ones consume more educated contentand parents often see them too. In the latter case, the children can indeed learn from what they have seen.Also, it is interesting that the effects of death negatively influenced the mathematical and managerial abilities of the children, even though they had no influence on the literary interpretation. Researchers believe this could be because the father is more focused on education than mathematical knowledge. "The results suggest that children are affected by "he says Caroline Fitzpatrick, one of the leaders of the research.Related articles in the topic of fire:
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