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We prohibit wet wipes

In the United Kingdom at least, they plan to ban wet pop scarves and others, such as makeup removers. Because they are made of non-degradable material, they are a significant burden on the environment.

We prohibit wet wipesIt is used in a huge renaissance in the wet wipes industry, infant hygiene, makeup remover and countless areas. However, these wipes are made of non-degradable material, and environmentalists often call attention to their harmful effects. The British have now banned the wipes, to which the final blow was given by the fact that twice a year, a huge tip was blocked in London by the sewer system, and the person responsible for the wet, wet wipes. The wipes have closed the channels. The once-useful plastic waste has been cracked down by the British Ministry of the Environment, saying people are not clear about how to treat their waste to their personal hygiene. one manufacturer, Guardpack, points out that it would be a disaster for sustainability if we forbid the wiping, because every time one liter of water would be wasted. The company also said that many products contain 100 percent biodegradable materials. Theresa May's government announced in January this year that it would release the island by 2042. There would be an administrative and ad toolset for this.
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