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A father testifies that the summer is difficult for the children

Mike Julianelle of Brooklyn, as his followers know, Dad and Buried, shared a brutally honest post on Instagram about how difficult it is for household parents, especially in the summer.

A household dad finally confessed to how difficult summer is with childrenThe comments in the post also raised an interesting point that parents have no choice but to be at home with - or stressful.The post says:This is the second day of the summer in the household daddy and I have just left my kids. In fact, this happened after 1.5 days. I was this 6 years ago when I first got into this situation, I was this 1 hour ago when it was time to be threatened, and so was yesterday when I had to yell with my baby, he didn't stop hysterical about something he was just trying to do. I didn't want to be a household parent. I didn't want to be thinking about it all summer when I was spending the days of my bored kids. I do not want to plan, pack things, take them to different places where I do not want to go. Neither do I have the strength, the patience or the mood. But I have no other choice.
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It's day two of my summer as a stay-at-home dad and I've lost it on my kids… Actually, I lost it at day 1.5. I didn't cut it out for this… I knew it 6 years ago when I did it for the first time, I knew it a month ago when it was looming again, I knew it yesterday when things were going well, and I definitely knew it today when I yelled at my 8yo and carried him to another room because they wouldn't stop complaining about something they actually wanted to do ... I don't want to be a stay-at-home parent. I don? T want to have to find ways to fill my kids? days all summer. I don? T want to plan, I don? T want to pack stuff, I don? T want to herd them places, I don? T want to go places ... I don? T have the temperament, I don? T have the temper patience, I don't have the interest ... I also don't have the choice ... Circumstances being what they are, and being summer is what it is, someone has to stay home with my kids all day. Mom and Buried have done it for years, and now she's working and I'm not, so I'm back in the saddle. Reluctance (and unsuitability) aside, I have no choice but to get better at it… and most of all, they don? t deserve a boring summer… Summer is sacred. And it's usually Mom and Buried's territory. But it's on me now ... Well, we might not be able to send them to camp or take them on fancy trips, but that doesn't mean there aren't things to do. And it? S on me to do them. More than that, it's me to do them with a smile on my face. Or at least without constantly yelling at them… So far, things aren't going so great. But there? S nowhere to go but up! . This is one of the primary challenges of parenting. Not letting your grownup stress impact your kids' childhood innocence. We all have struggles, and sometimes the customs they take are going to manifest themselves, often in ways you don't even realize ... I guess the good news is: I do realize it. Which makes it even more crucial that I manage it, and do whatever I can to prevent my kids from catching on… I've gotta fake it until * they * make it. But what else is new? . #stayathomelife

Post by Dad and Buried (@dadandburied) Jul 11, 2019 at 10:50 pm (PDT time)

But the conditions have brought this, here's the summer, and somebody's got to be home all day with the kids. Mom did this over the years, but Mom is working, but not me, so now it's my turn. Children are not supposed to know how stressful I am, they do not deserve a frustrated, grumpy father who is too anxious to start the day, summer is holy and innocent, it was a matter of old Mom, now my job. We may not be able to send them to marvels or wonderful outings, but that doesn't mean they can't do what. And it is up to me what we do. What's more, it's up to me to do everything we can to smile and feel good. But at least not to yell at me all the time. Well, so far this hasn't gone too nicely. But here's the chance to be better! I think this is one of the great challenges of the birthplace. Not to let the stress of adulthood ruin the childhood of our seedlings. We all have problems that sometimes make us not behave the way we want, and we are not even lost. But, huh, I just realized this! And, more importantly, I try to make sure that my kids are there. And as long as I can't really change that, I'm doing it as if I'm not stressed. (VIA)Related links: