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Why do developmental abnormalities develop? Diagnosis and preventability with the eye of a specialist

Congenital malformations affect a significant proportion of society: according to WHO, there are more than 3 million birth defects per year.

Why do developmental abnormalities develop?

On the development, recognition, and prevention of developmental abnormalities Dr. Béla Veszprém we talked to a geneticist. Based on data from the World Health Organization 33 Newborns with at least one birth defect. Nearly 3.2 million births are diagnosed with birth defects every year, and it is estimated that 270,000 newborns will die before the first month of life. Domestic data is used to diagnose some form of developmental abnormality in about 5,000 deaths / births each year. Large parts in the long run degrade the quality of life and not only have a significant impact on the affected individual as well as the life of the family, but also affect the capacity of the health care system. Mostly they come with some kind of anatomical difference, but they also include functional differences. Most cases involve only one organ, but the malformations are about a hundred percent more common. " genetic effects influence, but most of the time a combination of several factors "- explains Dr. Béla Veszprém, associate professor of genetics at the University of Pecs PrenaTest." There are several methods available to diagnose developmental abnormalities. Recognition of structural anomalies with good resolution, professionally performed ultrahangvizsgбlat can give you reliable information. In the case of chromosome aberrations, invasive and non-invasive screening tests may be appropriate. This latter group includes those with high efficiency prenatal screening tests, which test for fetal DNA circulating in maternal blood. These are the fetus Starting at 9 weeks with a precision of 100 percent they are able to identify chromosomal abnormalities, "the expert added. However, in addition to screening for recognition, it is imperative to emphasize that some congenital malformations can be effectively prevented. external effect leads to development: smoking, alcohol consumption, and untreated diabetes can all cause developmental abnormalities in the fetus. Responsible parenting, family planning, and maternity care should be taken as the basis for prevention.
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