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5 games for kid development

Noises and grimaces in panties may not seem meaningful to you, but believe me, your child can learn a lot from them.

The most important games are the simplest, most casual games you can share in your joy.


Put your baby on the back, then gather a few fluffy, lightweight and colored fabrics into a ball. It is best to use a lightweight blank. Drop it high and let it drop. This game is for the child develops visual tracking. Also comment on what you do, so the little thing will use sight, hearing and touch at the same time.


From the age of six months, we can start the peek game. Turn the stroller backwards in the direction of the week so that the baby is facing you, and you can keep in touch with it. Look into the eyes of the dead or lying baby, then look at the bed and look at it again. Laughing when we wake up? Are you waiting for the next synopsis? More and more hate and express facial expressions, so we can get involved in more and more complex gambling games.

Play in front of the mirror

Lie on your stomach and lay a toy on the ground. They scrubbed themselves and each other, too cut grimaces. Open your tongue, shave your eyebrows, cut your hair. It's all about laughing a lot. You will be able to play this game well after the tiny three months, when you are already strong enough to lift your head and shoulders on your stomach.


Shake something that makes a sound or applaud the rhythm. Variety of music and "musical instruments", and even later the child becomes old enough to play the drum yourself, chat.


One of the simplest but probably the best jobs is playing ball with the little one. Practically from the very first moment you recover and hold your two hands, kicks you the baby's excess is some kind of ball. As you become less confident, you will become more and more skinny, and who knows, you can become a team captain in the end!Also read these:
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