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Effect on your baby's development, how much sleep does a pregnant mother sleep on?

Pregnant mothers are often told to lie to their left at night to reduce the risk of stillbirth, however, according to a new study, most of the pregnancies can sleep.

Does your baby's development affect the way your mother sleeps? According to a study by Dr. Robert Silver at the University of Medical Sciences in Utah, all sleeping positions are safe until the 30th week of pregnancy. The study looked only at women who were up to week 30, and therefore cannot say for sure during the last pregnancy. They ask why women are often encouraged to sleep on their left side. as your pregnancy progresses, can it become more and more uncomfortable? "We know of a phenomenon that can limit blood flow during childbirth when your mother is lying in the back," said Dr. Nathan Fox, professor of nursing, nursing and reproduction at the Icahn Medical University. At the end of pregnancy, the mother is mothers and the baby fills a large part of the body. - If the woman is lying flat on the back during childbirth, it is possible that her blood vessels will be compressed, which will lead to decreased circulation and reduced baby's heart rate. To counterbalance this, women deserve to be on their side a little bit, said Dr. Fox, who was the co-author of the study. these women to remember what sleep they slept with. These studies have found a significant relationship between sleep deprivation, such as sleeping in the dead and stillbirth. But Dr. Fox pointed out that people have difficulty remembering such details, mainly because of a tragedy. However, the new study was conducted in another way: 8700 women were asked about their position during their pregnancy. One third of them also went through a sleep test, where they also recorded their sleep condition.The researchers looked at adverse pregnancy outcomes such as stillbirth, high blood pressure and lower birth weight. 22% of the participating women had similar cases, and when the researchers compared these to their sleep position, they found no relationship. According to Dr. Silver, research should be continued into the later stages of pregnancy to see if similar results are being produced. - Women need to try to sleep in the most comfortable position for them and doctors need to be cautious when giving them recommendations, also taking into account what kind of evidence we can support - said the specialist.Dr. According to Fox, it is difficult to predict what the results of these recommendations will be. - People are guided by good intentions at this time, but they can be a nuisance for many, and can affect women's health as well. And when something terrible happens, it's hard to convince them that it wasn't their fault, Dr. Fox explained.Related links: