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The city-centered city center has also been in place as a center of gravity, giving birth to modern babysitting centers.

The maternity and maternity profile works here in a matrix system along with other types of surgery - not only because of the better utilization of the beds, but also because of the use of resources. Naturally, the maternity nursing unit forms a distinct entity. Dr. Barkla Dr. Farkas, Chief Physician of the Matrix, among the benefits of the system, mentions an example of a modern operation, which is located next to the nursery and allows for immediate intervention. Not only the technical conditions, but also the classroom's generous design and friendly atmosphere can make a good impression on the baby, the walls of the pastel corridor are decorated with baby photos and lovely graphics.
"With my collegues, I take the wishes of parents into account, and we consider trying to satisfy them, according to the rules of the profession," says Dr. Farkas. - Nowadays, shaving and dressing are not routine interventions, and we also perform sectional surgery only when justified, most of the first time. A healthy newborn can be breastfeeded by its mother immediately after birth. Breastfeeding is supported in the same way, but you can only get breastfeeding from your baby's breast if there is a good medical reason.
There are so many separate convertible baby cribs in the nursing room, the mothers can hit the ball with traditional alternative tools, this is very popular.
- What we are particularly proud of is the application of homeopathy, which we have launched two years ago. Perhaps it is unique in the whole country that not only are maternity medications used by the mother to relieve childbirth, but also a homeopathic specialist has identified a specific ingredient found during pregnancy. Over the past six months we have used the method with success - report dr. Fark Béla. - Of course we have further plans, unfortunately we currently have no possibility for epidural sensing, but we would like to have everyone in the immediate area who wants it, concludes the department leader.
Number of births in 2010: 650
The proportion of cuttings is 28 percent
It is possible to have a vaginal birth after a cup.
It is not possible to eat or drink when in press.
There are 24 ounces rooming in.
There is a Parenting Course and a Gymnastics.
Visiting is flexible, babies can be viewed in the rooms.
No pay rooms.
There are two two-bedded children's rooms with a bath and one single, as well as a quadruple and a single bed.
She is free to choose.
A cadaver cannot have a dad inside.