We have our first family-friendly hospital

The Bács-Kiskun County Courthouse received the first Family-Friendly Municipal Prize. The awards were sponsored by the Three King Charles Foundation, the Three King Charles Foundation and the Hungarian Government

We have our first family-friendly hospitalWinning Family Friendly Department titles is the foreword to this year's first-ever Family Friendly Award. To do this, you need to successfully apply for at least three of the departments of an institution. There were seven weekly appeals to the hospital. The community received the recognition of the Bács-Kiskun County Court, the work of Judit B. Kopp is a sculpture. Thanks to these, we were able to decorate the walls of the children's classroom with fairy-tale characters, to make free pictures of the children and to support a sports program. Patient information is supported by the hospital's up-to-date Facebook page and a multi-departmental consultation room. Advice can also be provided in the area of ​​the hospital. Workers can take advantage of flexible and part-time opportunities on a broader scale. The institution organizes a summer camp for the children of the employees, as well as a playroom for them. The awards were given on Friday in Eger, the congressional congress.
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