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Therefore, chicken pox can be dangerous!

Psoriasis is a very common childhood disease caused by Herpes varicella zoster. The disease is transmitted through drip infections, and although severe heart disease is very rare, it can occur in completely healthy children.


Pancreatitis is usually a disease of children under the age of ten. In older children and adults, the symptoms and complications may be much more severe.The disease is much more common in the winter and early spring. A weakened immune system increases the risk of developing the disease. The incubation period of chickenpox is 14-24 days. The first symptoms are a lбz And a fejfбjбs. This is followed by the disease kiьtйsek megjelenйse. Rashes appear in very large numbers and are associated with unpleasant itching. Varicella rashes can appear anywhere on the body, both in the mouth and on the scalp. Kittens fade in and out in a couple of days, but are quickly reproduced.Rare but serious events of the disease
- Varicella pneumonia
- secondary bacterial infections
- And encephalitis. Because of the viral nature of the disease, it can only be relieved by symptomatic treatment: pain relieving syrup, lotions, and antihistamine cream to help heal. The bбrбnyhimlх only antivirбlis very sъlyos szцvхdmйnyek esetйn igйnyel gyуgyszeres kezelйst, most often because tьnet йs problйmamentesen gyуgyul.Egyetlen megelхzйsi lehetхsйge the vйdхoltбs that ъgy biztonsбgos, йs hatйkony vйdelmet nyъjt to megtanнtja the immune system to kуrokozу felismerйsйre anйlkьl that the child should suffer the have symptoms of illness.Related articles in Bovine Pancreas:
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