In order for fertilization to occur, many smaller and larger biological, physiological processes must function correctly and at the right time. Let's look at the process on the men's page.

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Early adolescence leads to death of sperm production in the testis, but as time passes their numbers are down, move them slowly. Sperm is produced by the testis. In humans, the development of sperm is approx. It takes 74 days. The sperm proceeds through the testis, enters the peritoneal cavity, and after a while, moves up the sperm duct, arriving at the peritoneum. This glandular membrane gets mixed up and then goes to the back of the back. In this case, the generalized connective tissue of the posterior bladder passes through the esophagus and lymphatic gland, and the sperm contains the mature sperm, the epidermis, the ond.Its volume is 2-6 cm vŠ±ltozik. Healthy sperm is dull and ca. After 30-40 minutes it gradually drains. The number of sperms per milliliter is between 20 and 60 milliliters, of which 80 per cent are viable. If you look at the development of sperm and move from the testis to the world, you may find that multi-step process There are some that can lead to male infertility when confused anywhere.

The causes of infertility can be divided into three groups.

  • Causes here: Effect of hormonal factors.
  • Here are the causes: testicular, untreated, or poorly developed testicles, or untreated testicles, various chromosomal aberrations, testicular inflammation, dermatitis, or cancer.
  • Here are some of the causes: sperm motions are obstructions or blockages, scarring in the back.
There may also be developmental deficiencies, congenital defects in the spermatozoa, or pelvic nerve injury or accident. Treatment should always address the problem that caused infertility. The handler multi-step examination preceded by, among other things, sperm tests, various immunological and biochemical tests, but can also include biopsy sampling from the testis. The field of fertility, its disorders and treatment is andrology, a branch of urology.
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