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Are you awake or sleeping?

There are people who are even horrified at the thought of waking up to a stomach like cesarean section. If you think so, read the expert opinion, is it better to be anesthetized?

Today, fewer and fewer people prefer to use anesthesia, commonly known as anesthesia, in the case of urgent cesarean section. The medicine is injected into the baby's baby's vein and then inserted into a trachea called a tube to provide anesthesia during the anesthesia.
Rare but very serious, hard to influence, can be a fatal event, when food or stomach acid enters the lymphatic system or lungs due to nausea that occurs during tube insertion. The baby is "awakened" by the use of another drug, also administered intravenously.
Afterwards, he does not remember much, because after the operation he is usually dying, but then he can breathe without assistance. Side effects may be unsteady, vomiting may occur, and the first to be awakened may be palpitations, or fainting. spinel anesthetic the most widespread in Hungary, with its cupcakes, it has replaced the more risky anesthesia almost everywhere. The drug is injected into the spinal canal via injection into the hard spinal cord. Its effect in five to ten minutes sets it: It feels like a mother is not even a foot. There is no pain sensation from the bottom, but the touches remain palpable.

We remain awake during surgery in the vicinity of the spinal anesthesia

Its effect after the intervention is completely insane inside, but in the meantime one has to live with the strange sensation that from the waist down as if it were not there, it is impossible to move the legs. The side effect may be the so-called post punctate headache, which may wake up one to two days after the surgery. The use of a special, thin needle reduces the risk of this event occurring.
The most advanced surgical detection technique is considered to be epidural sensation. This external specimen is the same as the spinal injection: spinal injection. However, filtration does not penetrate the hard pericardium, but passes the drug through a thin catheter into the surrounding epidural space. After the needle is lifted, the catheter stays in place, so you can increase your dose of medication if needed, and even after surgery, it is also suitable for pain relief, and not the least. There is also the possibility of a two-way conversion that combines the benefits without the disadvantages.
In most cases, it is not the parent who decides which anesthesia procedure to use. mйrlegelnie Tцbb aspects should get a doctor, but it is certain that it will gerinckцzeli йrzйstelenнtйs legalбbb lehetхvй to the lбssuk kisbabбt szьletйse utбni the moment sхt, talбn odanyъjtjбk a kiss.
Expertise: Dr. Peter Krasznai Candidate for Birth and Birth
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