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Réthy Pбl Kуrhбz, BékéscsabaThis article highlights the status of December 2010.

The two years of the birthplace of Békéscsaba have moved from the old, obsolete wing of the hospital to the busy, sunny new building where the chief of the department, dr. Rucz Carpenter guided us.

- In the New Building, we have created small, deceptive gyms with a modernized instrument park. What we could have done at the time of the move is 3D and 4D ultrasound, CTG, so far we have no reason to complain - says the chief doctor.
As in the case of smaller hospitals in the neighborhood, the Szeged Clinic sends pathological cases, or if you have a genetic problem, you can locate mildly diabetic mothers locally in the central pregnancy. They are very popular for their parenting courses, which may be due to the multitude of topics in the program - besides the usual specialties - autumn, nursing, diabetes.
- We are proud that Category "E" (ie, college graduates) babies help to have a more natural course of parenting, taking into account any needs that may arise. dr. Rucz Бrpбd.An alternative to butterflies in a butterfly wall, rubber balls, hot tub, French bed, so intimate is the birth of the family.
They have special dressing, hygiene and professional importance, that only dressing is done here. Females are well equipped as the department operates a laparoscopic center. Epidural anesthesia is available, but not 24 hours a day, and experience has shown that nitric oxide gas mixtures are preferable to pregnant mothers.
After the baby is born, the baby can rest immediately with his mother, after he has checked the mother's buttocks and sewed the baby. Finally, baby and mom can relax together.
Breastfeeding is heavily supported, but when it comes to breastfeeding, babies are given formula or sugar-free tea.
The department has also created a fundamentals development tool, the Expert Team (Healthy Women, Happy Birth Fund), which is supported by the Chief Physician.Facts and figures:
- Number of births in 2010: 977
- Cuttings ratio: 37.5 percent
- Living room: one single, one double and one alternative butter (with banana wall, ball, French bed, whirlpool bath and chairs)
- Childrens' Resorts: two single, one double and two quad
- Two single room with pay, air conditioning, TV, internet connection, refrigerator, microwave - the father can stay there for 24 hours.
- Born and voice selection possible
- 12 ounces rooming-in (usually between 6 and 20 ounces)
- The father cannot be inside the cup.
- Everyone can miss the 4th day after birth.
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