Here's the real Mikulab

You can even visit your home. But there will be a pre-Christmas debate about birth, a maternity club and a model fair!

Mikuláš Celebration at BabaMamaHazz!

Love, action, fabulous and musical shows for Santa's Saturday, December 3! The entree is worth $ 1,500, which includes a children's Santa Claus package, personally provided by a white fur cap, a generous Santa Claus, spiced with caution!
On arrival, a positive phrase from the reception and an inspiration for your child, introduced by the Magicians in the Magician's Magazine.
We are waiting with love and with Mikuláš!
BabaMamaHázz also goes to Lappföldi Mikuláš House!
The MagicCheap will bring home a gift for every person on December 6, 2011 for the good and small. Waiting for your invitations!

ADHD is a family day at Elevenpark

ADHD-Hungary is the foundation for families with overactive children and Elevenpark is the largest indoor playground in Hungary.
December is 19 йn huge elхkarбcsonyi csalбdi day hangolуdбs the ьnnepre йs kikapcsolуdбs jegyйben, many szнnes program egйsz day kцzцs jбtйkkal, szьlхknek szуlу bemutatуkkal, egйszsйgьgyi szolgбltatбsokkal, attention kapujбval, many karбcsonyi meglepetйssel, kreatнv jбtйkokkal, ajбndйkkйszнtйsi йs vбsбrlбsi lehetхsйgekkel served the contributors to the children, the families.
Everyone can bring their tired games, books, and swap them on our swap.


December 10th - 10th, Barnkin Rays Adrienn Orosheba's Wheel Holds the Wheel. Live games, sayings: .. From 11am we talk about the holidays with Anik Vincze psychologist. Do we really need to get in? How to Make Your Own Christmas? Can my parents fall in love? Is it my only education that there will be a celebration of love now?
Hosted by: Judit Szхdy Psychologist, Educational Advice, Breastfeeding Advice IBCLC
Location: Varazz Garden BabyMamaHбz, Children's Center Zuglu
Budapest XIV., Szuglу u. 83-85.

Are today's women unable to give birth?

16th Day of Anti-Women Opponents. On December 18, professionals and those affected will discuss the surprising and exciting topic at the Glove House Community House (Budapest VIII., Mubty Street 15, Square). A round of roundtable discussions will begin to determine the extent to which Hungarian birth practice is consistent with WHO's recommendations on childbirth. Speakers: dr. Zsófia Pusztai, head of the WHO Hungarian Office; Ildikou Szy, a member of the Ministry of Health of the Ministry of National Resources; dr. Pikl Siklus, chief physician of the Department of the Birth of St. Stephen's Court; Katalin Orosz clinical clinical psychologist, Perinatus Foundation; dr. Julia Spronz is a member of the PATENT Law Association, dr. Imre Szebik is a physician, bioethicist, a member of the SOTE Institute of Behavioral Sciences and a representative of OSABIS (Doctors of Free and Safe Birth).
Dylut introduces himself to the International Cesarean Observation Network, and then watch the film unfailingly titled at the Court. You can also talk about the practice of foreign babies. Sign up here!

The toys of socialism

You can visit the Antique Toy Model Fair at the Museum of Transportation on December 3 for a discounted ticket, where more than 40 tables are open for inquiries from 10am to 4pm. At the fair, you can visit the museum's long hall for old-fashioned toys and models that are offered for sale by private collectors. On this day, the Museum of Transport issues special passes, the full price of the ticket is 800 HUF (80% of the original price), and the discounted ticket price is 400 HUF, which makes it possible to visit both the exhibition and the museum. Your Exchange is December 8th, The Introductory Exhibition of the Toys of Socialism.