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A fun book for all toddlers!

The bookbooks are ideal for the smallest ones: they are hard-edged, 12-16 pages long, there is no interwoven text, and there are plenty of colorful pictures to guide the seedlings across the globe.

We are in the middle of a bookstore deployment

To read a book you! This is an undeniable fact. And the colorful, colorful books are already attracting the smallest interest - so much, so much. There are people who can look at books from a very young age, and some who eat them, according to you.I have five children - I can set it without any reason - I have some experience with children's reading habits. Big boys and gentlemen, all pages have been carefully reviewed, others - well, they have been better than others - can be improved before they can. they just didn't like it for some reason, or, on the contrary, they fell in love with what they were seeing and wanted to bring it with them, say, to the next corner of the playbook. She had made some inquiries in the past: she was curious to read the shelves in our bedroom, but that was not the real deal. I realized a couple of weeks ago that he was showing me more and more over books in his middle room and explaining something in a tangled baby language, gently gesticulating.
I was wondering what to put in his hand that didn't suffer any permanent damage in the first few minutes (because unfortunately we had to realize that he was also a fan of the imaginative genre), but he is immeasurable. I was knocking on the shelves and I was reminded of the knockout series! The first prizes were given to Grandma, but each of our children enjoyed them, and even as it turned out, this sensation has not gone away, I barely tried to squeeze the big ones so that we would not rush out of the Smallest Book.
BOOKBOOKS are idyllic for small children: they are hard-edged, 12-16 pages long, there is no matching text (maybe two subtitles or funny sentences in good capital letters), and in exchange there are plenty of color pictures on the seedlings. There are also small and large figures, they are rotatable, and their motifs are varied: playground, fairy tale, forest-field, seasons, city, transport…
These books are especially good for children's development, and we can find different games for them.

Game ideas for bookbooks

  • look for the same color items / vehicles
  • point to animals, vehicles, imitate their voices
  • look for matching pairs (dog-cat, child-adult, small-large)
  • we can practice right / left directions (who sees where your ship is going, etc.)
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