Why does the little one fail?

During the hanging, the baby gags. This is obvious, but what if you think about it in a diaper?

Why does the little one fail?

You are strange too, because no one is failing / here. The expression "failed" was probably formed in the Hungarian language because of the Generally, it is observed in juvenile infants, from whom, either after cooking or afterwards, the food consumed will fail or fall back from the stomach.

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The phenomenon often occurs immediately during the cooking time when high-power air from the stomach drives the food you eat. It is also common for a baby to have a damp little patch next to the baby laying down, which will color the consumed menus. The reason for this is that there was too much air in the stomach or the amount of food consumed, which is why the stomach wall is strained and excess food, diapers, belly turns, more intense exercise. What is the cause? The infant's day is filled with a large part of the lying position, whereby the tongue is located so that the accumulated air can only empty part of its contents through the stomach, swirling in front of it. Infant stomachs contrary to popular belief small and inflexible. If, due to the morbidity of the baby or because of the "will" of the parent, the child gets more food in his stomach than he can bear, then the stomach becomes strained. The feszьlйst йrzйkelik the idegvйgzхdйsek, йs start up their vйdхfolyamatok that meggбtoljбk that the baby gyomrбt overload tъl many tбplбlйk contemplated herein bйbik nagysбgukhoz kйpest amъgy eat tцbbet than felnхttek as elsх йletйvьk vйgйre meghбromszorozzбk testsъlyukat, йs tцbb than 20 inches nхnek. This increased growth can only be achieved through high energy intake.

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The failure is the greatest concern for parents with the first child, who believe that it is in vain to feed a child with care if the diet is neglected. One cannot emphasize that failure is not a disease, but natural defense. More frequent, lower-dose feeding, longer-lasting cooking, changing the food density, raising the risk of food loss by 30 degrees can also reduce the number of failures. to do. In these cases, you may be suspicious of the consequences of a failure, which, although rarely encountered, requires careful examination, as it may provide the basis for life-long illnesses. When a baby is developing, there is no cause for concern, and nurturing the baby is frustrating because the abnormal situation attracts the swallowed air. Do not put it in words, because it is often counterproductive.Related Articles - Bukбs: