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Once again the mother's blame is on the scene

On Mother's Day, Magyar Telekom came up with a commercial that is difficult to interpret because mothers are doing something wrong again.

A publicity film produced by Magyar Telekom on Mother's Day has provoked strong reactions in the media. Sorry Mom! - In an odd Mother's Day movie, moms arrive on a mother's day, where it is not the usual storyline, but their children have quite an excuse for being busy.
The mothers in the movie are aware of their own excuses that they usually tell their mothers. After all moms are so full of love, they enter the classroom with their children and grandmothers and everyone crouched in love.Sorry Mom! You always have excuses Unfortunately, even though we look at commercials, it is difficult to misinterpret what is being created as it is intended to cause guilt, conscience in mothers who work from morning till night, logistics, to see what's really important and what's not. They also show a bad example to their children who read their mistakes on their heads. The video was shared a lot and most of the comments were outrageous, and many people thought the film was humiliating. Many people have neglected fathers, males in history, as if it were family, grandparent care, caring alone, motherhood. The neglect seems to be specific to women, to mothers. each also carries a lot of szбmunkra tanulsбgot magбban. the discourse has evolved tьkrцzi that links us all csalбdi szбmбra cйlunk the most important. the film was elkйszнtйsйvel the kйrdйsfelvetйs йs elgondolkodtatбs, by no means бllt szбndйkunkban bбrkiben bыntudatot or bad йrzйseket kelteni.Az йdesanyбkra йs the йdesapбkra as well as the burden of care and care in Iran, many areas of life are outpouring power. l find the time that we can translate into each other, which, although small, can take 4 minutes of full attention every day (4 minutes a day for a whole day is a whole day). note that spending time together is the most we can give each other. There are many obstacles to achieving family unity in the special life situations of our age, but we can all find our own way to maintain the family unity. The Telekom believes that the egyensъly megteremtйsйvel, more odafigyelйssel, valу the digitбlis vilбgra nyitottsбggal йs optimism belьli the csalбdon relations tйrtхl йs idхtхl fьggetlenьl tovбbb erхsнthetхk.A Telekomnбl where tцbb szьlei thousands of children work to tцrekszьnk to hбttйrtхl fьggetlenьl all munkavбllalуnk ъgy Feel it can count on us. Thanks to digital devices and telecommuting, employees can schedule their time themselves, currently over 41 percent with telecommuting. "
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