The early births of Miskolc with the eyes of a fellow-citizen

At the beginning of August, nine premature babies died at the PIC in Miskolc. We do not yet know what the cause is, or whether the coincidence of the accident can be attributed.

The news stirred the feelings. He is much more affected than we think. Edit Pбll, mother of two premature babies, Bron and Liana, are among them."Koraszьlцtt twins anyukбjakйnt egyьttйrzйssel mixed kцvetem kнvбncsisбggal Miskolc koraszьlцttek halбlбnak ьgyйt, йs - have tagadбs - kцzben ъjbуl бtйlem the nehйzsйgeket which we also experienced Бtйrzem the szьlхk keserыsйgйt, remйnyvesztйsйt, йrzem the szemrehбnyбst йs cheeks, which is wrapped in mйdia statisztikбba nyъjt. and many thousands of parents who have lost their lives, and we have two years of knowing all of the anxiety and suffering that a two-year-old baby has to suffer. because they are rushing with us right away to stabilize their condition. Until we see them, we dare not imagine how tiny they are. Even today, the memory of the small house in the cubator was filled with trembling when I think of the way the church, the parents, and the babies, and the nerve-wracking, many months of work they have done. But my children are acorns. My soul is upset because the parents of the little babies being treated in Miskolc have not been given the choice of a happy family.
I still did not understand why the cheese trampled on the healing parents and thousands of their fellow-mates by accusing them of studies and statistics. You can read from the stories that early life is the reason why poor lifestyle, old age, nationality and place of residence are. Early birth suddenly strikes parents as lightning strikes. You can break with anyone. Whether it be a stressful life situation, a sudden rise in blood sugar during pregnancy, or simply twin pregnancy.It was not a drug, alcoholic, or a lunatic among my comorbidities. However, there were some who had an infection, who had poor attachment to the bed, and had high blood pressure during pregnancy. All the things that we avoided, many times kept in check - if we had anticipated the dangers - we would have done everything.
Premature babies have to spend the rest of their time until their planned birth on PIC, their fate is in the hands of doctors and nurses. During my stay, I did not even think that they might look at me in another eye, or blame me for being an early child of the world. The koraszьlйssel not elkйpzelhetetlen talбlkozу people szбmбra what erхfeszнtйseket make the szьlхk the kуrhбz, йs not utolsуsorban children azйrt to elйrjйk same szьletett the normal idхre kisbabбkйval йletminхsйget йs egйszsйget to egйszsйges the csalбdba, is useful to kйsхbbiekben the tбrsadalom rйszйre munkбt vйgzх , donate to a citizen who wants to keep schools and hospitals open. "