Don't worry about my baby boy shape!

"My third child will be born in August. I'm pretty well aware of what's going on after childbirth," says the blogger, who's tired of expecting her to regain her birth.

Read what you think about this, maybe you will agree with it! "I know what will happen after my birth. I will not sleep for a week, often in milk, and nap for breakfast. at least one of them has the shape of a bomb, and of course he'll give me advice on what to do. and I will not work out on DVDs to regain tension in my stomach. My friends have chosen a good zealot to give me advice because I don't think there would be any problem with my baby's postpartum body.

Do you have any nimi on you? What?

Of course, that wasn't always the case. After my first birth, I was still enthusiastic and wanted to get my old body back immediately. I thought I needed to repair my changed body and started dieting, even though I was breastfeeding. I was enthusiastic and undernourished, and my milk was inexorably dropping. Then I vowed I would never do such a thing again. Instead of dieting or doing hard workouts, I'll eat whatever I want. As far as the movement is concerned: I skip all the exercise, I go out for a big one, and get up early. And I vowed not to talk much more about my postpartum birth. Or do I do anything to lose weight. Do not ask me if I am going to train or want to try out the miracle drinks you consume. And I don't want to see moms who have already run out after giving birth. There's nothing wrong with my body. You don't have to fix anything on it. I don't need any cleansing or dieting to get my old shape back. It's a new body, a little softer than the previous one, but still great. He gave me three children. Viszonzбsul I'll be sorry for him, I leave enough to rest, I eat it all right, but of course I will regret it sometimes. This is the least I can do. "Further details on Mary Sauer's blog.They may also be interested in:
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