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May be related to migraine in children and heart failure

Children with migraine Aura are twice as likely to develop "hole heart disease".

Children with auricular migraine were twice as likely to have a "hole in the heart", ventricular or atrial fibrillation, a BBC report found Thursday.

Migraine headaches and perforated heart may be related

American researchers have examined 109 children older than six years who have suffered from a migration. In a study published in the Journal of Pediatrics, it was found that about half of the children living with migraine with visual impairment had this syndrome.
Few previous studies have already shown a correlation between adult heartburn and the appearance of auricular migraine. Therefore, there have been attempts to fail those with other methods of treating a migraine with the help of a blunt closure.
Rachel McCandless, a researcher and team at the University of Utah, examined children for echocardiography in patients with cardiac dysfunction. On average, every tenth of migrants suffer from aura. Children with auricular migraine have found fever deficiencies in over 50 percent of the studies.