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Supportive relationships make you more challenged

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have been wondering what makes someone capable of not being frightened of being challenged and giving themselves a chance to be a successful, happy person?

Supported couples are happier and more successful

An examination in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin reveals that those who used to be a support partner were more than happy to take up the challengeand that those who accepted the challenges were much happier months later, more spiritually, and their relationships worked better. Brooke Feeney also reported that the decisions that people make at major turning points count a lot in our long-term view. In the study, or win a prize, keep a speech in mind. Researchers recorded video interactions between couples as they considered accepting the challenge, and found that more of the people who were encouraged, they chose a lighter task. However, six months later, couples where one side was engaged in a more difficult task were happier and had better relationships than the others.Also, the researchers deduced that, how much you take advantage of your opportunities, how much you dare to take risks, and how dare you accept the challenges, depends a lot on the environment, that is, how much they are shamed by their couple or friends, how much they support them for being strong, or just how humorous they are and back.Related Articles:
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