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The spread of the "mother-friendly" approach to parenting is for the time being. However, it is clear what should be done for the fulfillment.

Perhaps you have already planned how you would like to give birth: with a doctor and a nurse of your choice, in a hospital, at home or in a nursing home? With protection, pain relief, father, dune or alone? You must be thinking about how you will bear the pains of being in trouble and what it will be like to hold the baby in your arms for the first time. If your imagination is another, unforeseen circumstance, you want to be sure that it is not the age of the millennium or perhaps the millennium, the ease of your routine or your doctor, that your tennis party will determine. Unfortunately, today in Hungary, apart from a few exceptions, personalized childbirth is not or is not well implemented. It has been operating in our country since 2010 International Mother And Baby Friendly Birthing Initiative He has just designed to change the way he develops in close collaboration with health. We aim to place the mother and her child instead of the doctor at the center, and as a matter of course, of unbridled birth.

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- An American organization (CIMS) suggested in 2005 that the situation was changing for the sake of childbirth - English Csomуnй Lindmayer Katalin, the home organizer of the initiative. - Although the current medical center system is not beneficial from a health or psychological point of view, it is also more costly to respond to special examinations and interventions. Summarizing the experience of 163 countries, IMBCI (International Mother Baby Child Initiative) provides a model that covers periods of pregnancy, childbirth, nursing and breastfeeding. At home, we are launching a fundraiser to make you feel: not just a few bored, bored mother puns. Looking forward to the connections.
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THE WHO And it is UNICEF Based on scientific evidence, Mother and Baby-Friendly Birth Control Initiative has achieved significant results. Within Europe, among others, Germany, England, Austria and the Czech Republic are close to being "mother-in-law" both in the home and in the home. The Initiative's Hungarian organization is calling for the opening of a benchmark birth in 2011, which is the subject of serious talks with health and human rights politicians. It also provides help and support to the families who turn to them.
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Imagine being able to have a baby-friendly baby at birth! If you can decide on the details with the right, thorough and comprehensive information. For example, if your doctor called your mind not to lie down, taking advantage of gravity can speed up the process and reduce your risk of getting a butt. If quarterly fetal monitoring was not obligatory, it would not be instrumentalized, as is the case in many parts of our country, but in the meantime it is necessary to do so. Under pressure, you could eat and drink, not infusely, infusing your energy with infusion. And if you want to give birth to a more hands-on baby, the baby would be worth it and help your child out in the world. Listening to your body signs and your own stimuli, you can do what's right, so that your health and respect your decisions about the baby and help them adapt if you need to. If you would intervene only if you asked for it or if you had a valid medical reason for doing so.

Less surgery!

The maternal baby-friendly model does not allow for cesarean section without a strict medical reason, so it would accept 10% in normal hospitals, and in major hospitals, it has 15 problems. There is an institution in Hungary where almost every second baby is born during the wedding because of organizational problems. The International Mother and Baby Friendly Birth Initiative aims to prevent such cases from occurring. In the case of medically justified cesarean section, the father can be with his partner during the operation. After childbirth, the baby should avoid his or her naked chest and remain there until they both feel well or until the mother is unable to buy a little. In our country, with the exception of a few institutions, fathers cannot be in the hospital, and there are hospitals where "hair contact" is a common practice, which is still not practiced.

After the birth

According to international experience, it is best for a newborn to be breastfed immediately after birth and not to break apart, unless absolutely necessary. The nine-month-long unit can be recreated again, with the presence of the father and, in the case of home birth, the siblings. Fetal blood and inflammation in the respiratory organs are also absorbed over time and, as a rule, there is no medical justification for their removal. Unfortunately, our hygiene-centered approach outweighs these in many places, though the situation has improved a lot in the last decade. But unfortunately, only healthy, time-born babies are "lenient" to professionals. Can you imagine that premature babies are not heated by incubators, but by their own mother or father's body? Every baby should have the right to enjoy breast milk from the very first moment. An important element of the maternity-friendly model is to apply the kangaroo method as soon as possible: relax the tiny naked chest for as long as possible. So, stress, baby breathing and circulation can work optimally, grow better, and control your body temperature without worrying: if your baby's temperature rises immediately, your baby's body will start to warm immediately,
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Dr. Bбlint Mihбly, the St. Imre Kourrzb szьlйsze According to him, some kind of change of attitude has begun in the birth care, but the process is slow. She thinks that it is first and foremost a matter for the doctors to change, because it all depends on how willing they are to let go of the control and to take care of the parent. - Encoded in the genes of the female body, it carries the information you need to bring your child to life, and our job is solely to get you ready. Get ready to get medical help if you need it, and be prepared to help him in any position, he says. - When childbirth entered the hospitals, women were deprived of the opportunity to listen to their stimuli or the signs of their bodies. Served and subordinated to the doctor, they have remained to this day. They forget to look inside, and if they want to change, they also have a choreography ready for birth. That's not good either! I always try to make it clear to us that we do not try to decide what is best for them at the moment, but that we listen to the signs of our bodies during childbirth, to this day the health protocol. The body knows the thing, only the heads need to be fixed, and that is our job.
10 steps that lead to maternity-friendly baby care - just like the basic principles of baby-friendly baby care. You can read ten points here!
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If you are looking for a baby-friendly parent, you have to look for it, but success is not excluded. It is important that you make a decision before choosing who will give birth and in which institution you will be born. Look around the net, ask friends, then put your requests up for birth, birth, and if you don't get the right answer, dare to change! Today, you can count on more independent birth assistants to find your customized care.
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