Dirty your washing machine, especially if you have a baby

Dirty your washing machine, especially if you have a baby

The household appliance that beats tiredly of the family with children almost every day is the washing machine. Because of its enormous use, it deserves extreme attention, as brown spots appearing here and there can be not only tender but also harmful.

The family laundry is a real perpetuum mobile in the household. As the baby is born, we start it the next day and stay in motion for the elderly. The voice of the Bloody Mumble reveals that there is indeed a child here, so the litter box is never empty. 2 minutes. Of course, due to the 5-10 washes per week, ugly, dark patches appear on the washing machine dispenser and around the gum relatively soon. After a while, they put on brown stripes on the clothes, which we usually lose only when we put freshly cleaned pieces on the fabric. No fairy tale: I need to get a little cleaning of the washing machine from time to time.Dirty your washing machine, especially if you have a baby

Not only ugly, dangerous

THE penйszgomba one of the sources of danger. And since the wet medium favors growth, the washing machine is a real paradise for the medium. Spurs can cause breathing problems and can cause allergic reactions in children and adults in contact with the human skin through the clothing. Penйsz posts by these people imply kivбltott allergiбs reakciуra if orrdugulбst, bхrkiьtйseket, tьsszцgйst, fejfбjбst, eye kivцrцsцdйsйt, fбradtsбgot, nehйzlйgzйst, fejfбjбst, emйsztйsi problйmбkat experience one of tagjбnбl.A baktйriumok csalбd, vнrusok vнgan can reproduce the mosуgйpben: 40 degrees mosбst (which most clothes) - beyond the most virulent ones, including influenza viruses and E.coli. In a 2013 experiment, it was found that washed clothes contain only 14 percent less mites than unwashed ones. Bacteria from most breeds are hidden in childhood and plush animals.The baby, the skin of newborns, is highly sensitive to allergenic substances. Immune systems are also immature, so in addition to molds, germs in the washing machine are also an increased source of danger for children.

Make sure your washing machine is clean too - Pбr tip

To reduce the health risk caused by dirt, mold, bacteria and viruses, it is worth cleaning your laundry every month, every two months, using a natural method. Frequency is publicly determined by how often we wash and how much dirt we have. We can also use vinegar, soda ash for cleaning and disinfecting the washing machine. You may also need a brush (toothbrush) to remove more serious deposits. You can use vinegar or a ready-to-use washer cleaner that contains citric acid, a detergent, to wash any parts of your machine that are not visible. Any solution and active ingredient is selected, so that "hygienic maintenance" is regular.You can also use a dishwasher cleaned preparation