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What should we do if the child still does not move?

Also, a baby who can't play or go can react to the games. The little one loves to move, and also needs to strengthen his muscles, make his bones harder, learn to maintain balance, and connect with adults.

You have to play with the little ones, too

What is very important is that you play with the little one for a maximum of 10 minutes. Yeah they will soon be overwhelmed. This time period will extend significantly.

Do not transplant!

Tiny babies can't control their back muscles. If we pull the little one up from a lying position, he leans forward, but his head tilts back. Until the baby can hold the head, should not be planted at right anglesbecause then the whole burden is borne by the spinal column and this causes spinal torsion in the little one. Belly head lifting, a "mini-gym", strengthens the muscles you need to stay alive. If you can just say that it is self-supporting, then you should not exercise. We can support it with cushions, but it should really be only one elevated lying position (with a small obtuse angle of about 130-150 degrees). This is great because the little good one sees the environment, is not bored, can look at everything, and follow your actions with your eyes. (There are also better right-hand rest rooms.)

The diaper does not

Changing the diaper is for the baby social life important event. She loves to look at her parents' face and listen to her talk in the nappies. He expresses this with a smile, a giggle and a kick. This relationship will soon evolve into a well-founded "conversation". The time spent (and practice) without a diaper can be extended if you place the baby on a warm floor, bed, or bed. This is most often done in the pre-bathing period. Also, make sure you have the correct temperature - the area where the baby is puppy should be at least 24-25 degrees. Many small people like to put on a cloth while kicking or cloth. The point is the surprise. Voyeur play is a pleasure for all babies during their infancy.

Massage and simi

Massage and caressing also help to develop body boundaries and deepen your relationship. Soothes the little one. It can be used with just a tiny bit. There are super books and articles about baby massages with the right techniques.

Ironing, horse riding

This game can be played by kids who can hold their heads and their backs for sure (if not, keep your arms on the back instead of the spine). Put the baby on the yard and hang it up below, as if riding a horse, holding it underneath. There are many poems to be heard. It can also be an end to the work for the fryers - for example, the baby can be slid into the mid-adult area. In the midst of saying, riding, we increase the intensity and repeat several times. The baby loves repetition and strength, a full-bodied, top-of-the-line sentence finishing. Here are some sentence tips for horseback riding:
"Gin, you, baby, horses, are not far from Kanizsa.
"Hуc-hуc, soldier, two of us are on the lyre, three are on the bakura, so we go to Makou."
"Yeah, my horse for Bester, good wine, steak. Yeah, my horse, yummy, we're coming home for dinner! Yeah, yeah, yeah!" And we could go on and on. Older kids like to ride their adult feet. Cross your leg, put the baby in your foot flex and rock it up and down. Suddenly flatten your feet a little high, then cross your toes and rock again. You can also say poems like "swing palette, baby rocking, soup" or "jeep soup, hemp soup, put it on the back of your home, throw it, throw it, soup!"

Take it with you!

You'll have enough time for the household and the little one if you have a kangaroo, you put five on your body. The child adjusts the balance to the movement of the adult. You usually only take this in when you don't: sleeping babies seem to have a harder time because they don't change their posture.


If the little one can live, the swing room can come. Pricing improves a little, and you can see the world from there. Make sure the swing is secure, held properly, and properly fastened. There are swings with bagpipes, which is a great fun item for your baby.

Sing and talk!

There is no more wonderful developer stimulus for the little ones with the mother singing sound. It improves emotional intelligence among others and improves the flow of information between the right and the brain in the long run. You don't have to be a golden throat singer! No matter what your voice is. It's all about singing - sleep songs, kids songs, naps, songs that are dear to you. Talk about more! At first it may be unusual for you to comment on all your activities, but with this, the little one learns the language faster and learns the meaning of words, the phonetic and phonetic characteristics of the language. For example, if you do the washing, you can safely tell what kind of cutlery, dishes, feet you are washing, or if you chill, you can tell us which clothes are what and what color.

Toys for babies, babies

If the baby is very tiny, we can also cook colored balloons, which, when moved, can cause a lot of fun to the baby. We can show ourselves in a mirror and show off body parts. The best toys in infancy are those that make sound (eg burglar, musical rotation, puppet instruments), and more appearing colors such as contrast. Be sure to get a live color (and, probably, a giraffe with grown-up head) color and patterned play mat that has many interactive features and is also fitted with a mirror. There are also great textbooks for the little ones, which are colored, patterned, usually zipped, they have fold-out parts. Babies under 1 year old can have them wobble, tell stories too. The pressure-responsive spin games that are easy to grip are good. Once they get wet, they can come together, stackable cubes, glasses, rings, towers, and formatted, molded things.Related articles in this article:
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