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No unwanted pregnancies

Abortion means abortion, which can be spontaneous or miscarriage. This is why it is important to clarify, because in the public mind, the term is often used only in connection with abortion.

No unwanted pregnancies

About abortion until the 24th week of pregnancy, we will talk about it after birth. Termination of unwanted pregnancies according to Hungarian law until the 12th week of pregnancyor pregnancy may be terminated by the 18th week if the woman is incapacitated or incapacitated, underage or under guardianship, has no recognized medical condition, medical condition, medical condition or medical condition. due to her omission, her pregnancy exceeded 12 weeks. This may occur if your doctor does not recognize the condition of your pregnancy in due time, or if you need to undergo an appropriate examination. If a pregnant woman is under 18 years of age, you due to other medical indications, termination of pregnancy is the subject of another trial. Termination of pregnancy is not free in Hungary. Your current pricing (based on the 2011 Health Insurance Fund Announcement effective until revoked) 29,710.— Ftif not requested for health reasons. It's important to know that support may be claimed on the basis of social need.There is a need to talk about abortions every time, because in spite of the fact that there are many methods of conception available to women, there are 11,000 abortions before the 18th of March. Interruption of unwanted pregnancies is the most common in teenagers and women between the ages of 38 and 42. Young people start having sex, and most times before they have They think they won't get pregnant the first time. Unfortunately, the problem often stops, as there may be a single occasion for conception. The partner is also mostly young, inexperienced, and the pre-arranged "caution" does not always work out the way they are designed. These factors add to the sad fact that the number of abortions in Hungary is higher than the number of births. However, unwanted pregnancies can be prevented. birth control pills is in circulation. They all have modern, low hormone content, but are safe nonetheless. Fertility devices are also available for older women and women who have given birth. There are some that are low in hormone levels, and that the bleeding is not strong, and that it specifically reduces the length and volume of menstruation. Many new local contraceptives are also available in a variety of formulations. They are available in the form of pills, linings, creams, sponges. These also have the advantage that sexually transmitted infections are eliminated in large numbers.All rubber and condoms available in the public domain and in drug use. It is recommended that the ladies do keep a condom with you, since your partner may not be sure. If unprotected sex is reversed in March, you can always take unwanted pregnancies, as there are emergency outpatient clinics in every district, If there is no emergency ambulance in the immediate vicinity, the district prescription office will call your dermatologist or any of the hospitals' dermatologist department. However, surgery is much more dangerous than any of the methods of conception.

How Is Pregnancy Aborted?

The method is also for those who have already given birth and others who have not. In the case of unborn women, a prostaglandin-containing pill is placed in the vagina the night before surgery or a small patch is placed on the cervix. This triggers the cervix, and the next day, we remove the pregnancy with a vacuum. This is much the kнmйletesebb hegбros mйhszбjtбgнtбsnбl because mйhnyak not make izomzatбt tцnkre, нgy the kйsхbbi terhessйgeknйl less koraszьlйs йs the vetйlйs veszйlye.Szьlt nхknйl this elхtбgнtбst you have already vйgezzьk not, because a hьvelyi szьlйs utбn the mйhnyak you have already zбrуdik ъgy not like before childbirth, so mountain-topping is easier. Even in this case, the vacuum is discharged.

What are the dangers of abortion?

The most serious consequence is the rest of the world. Very rarely, all miscarriages occur it happens a hundred percent. Such an event is not the fault of the cuneiform. The bee is a closed volume, you can't see it, just feel how long you press the vacuum tube. During pregnancy, the uterus is elated, and it is much easier to reshape the wall than when it is not pregnant. In the worst case, such an event can also occur with the removal of the uterus. mûtét post feverish state, mйhnyбlkahбrtya-gyulladбs, petefйszek-gyulladбsAs well as being painful - and well cured with barrier antibiotics - it cannot be ruled out that it causes ovarian obstruction, which can lead to infertility. working in a closed space. Residual fetuses may become infected, causing high fever, inflammation, and severe bleeding, and the procedure should be performed once more. After that, you may also have a baby with infertility or more frequent uterine pregnancy. Beyond bodily events, you should not forget spiritual consequences no. All women are aware of the fact that they have carried a life that they have celebrated. Generally, this bears older women more spiritually. The younger ones, unfortunately, take it very lightly, and many of them happen twice a year for this operation.