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Ferenc Toldy Kуrhбz, Ceglid This article highlights the state of December 2010.

The Cegled hospital does not appeal to the baby-friendly company - dr. According to Tamdrs Enddrs, chief physician, they would rather get a quality grade.

Szilvia Harkбly our leading midwife is kindly directing you all the way to the department and answering our questions. And the hospital wardens are organizing a training course on childbirth, with the invitation of a prominent professional, introducing the latest opportunities, and visiting the room.
Primary care and maternity care are available at the hospital's on-call service, but there is also a moving specialist service in the surrounding communities. They refer the problem cases themselves to the No. 1 Women's Clinic. Pregnant women may undergo a genetic examination and neonatal intensive care center births. In the future, we want to make sure that all children's lounges have their own bathroom and air conditioning.
- After birth, mothers can choose between the traditional 12 and 24 ounces rooming-in that they need - emphasizes Szilvia Harkály. - There are no pacifiers, pacifiers in the classroom, and this is to encourage mothers to breastfeed and to get more out of their babies, and this opportunity is provided for puppies. Of course, if the mom is so exhausted that she is more concerned with the baby, we will not lose it: we are the mother in the first place, because if she is okay, the baby will take care of it. Because Cegled's birth is one of the reference classes of new-generation fetal vitamins, pregnant babies in this class are free of vitamin A. Katalin Kis Kurdhazi protests tell us that they have been guided by their work for years as a "philosophy of smile". Dear heart-warming tradition, losing moms will receive a small thank you card with some nice quotes and the signatures of the doctors and births concerned.
In 2010, the number of births was 1216.
The proportion of cuttings is 37.2 percent.
There is also a possibility for birth and voice selection.
The application is compulsory.
It may be cold inside, but not in the case of a cesarean section.
Three single bedrooms have a ribbed wall, a ball, and a bean chair.
There are two single, one three-bed, two-bed childrens' gym and a one-bed dressing room.
All moms will be released on the fourth day.