The baby was suffering from old-fashioned bruises due to the sun spray

The use of aerosol sunshades is extremely simple, comfortable and safe - this is what a mother who wanted to protect her baby's skin from the sun's rays thought of.

That's what little Kyla's skin did with the mail spray

Rebecca Cannon he thought he could use a Banana Boat 50 Factor Tanning Spray-the baby's skin, as the sun spray can be applied under the age of 6 months according to the user instructions - write to simplemost.com.Rebecca first applied the 14-month-old baby's hand, and then applied the face spray. Not long after, though, frightening swellings and cerebral palsy appeared on her baby's face and around her eyes. The baby suffered from third-degree hospitalization. According to her mother, her baby did not stay at all on the hot day, so 100% that the sun spray itself caused the bad wounds. (In the meantime, it turned out that many had experienced such scary consequences because of this sundown.) Rebecca Cannon immediately contacted Banana Boat SPF 50 manufacturer, because the sunshine is specifically recommended for small children, but for the time being he could not afford to remove the product from the store shelves, only received the price of the product. Be careful what kind of notebook you use on your baby's skin! THE Banana Boat SPF 50 Even if you think you are using the right lightening cream, if you have a baby or toddler, the best thing you can do is not to expose it to hot sunshine between 11 and 15 o'clock. Stay home or stay in the neighborhood during this time. If you are out before or after the day, make sure you have the right sunscreen (a reliable sunscreen, which has a factor of at least 50, and provides protection against UVA and UVB rays). The use of a cap / hat is also important: you choose the type that protects your little neck from the sun's rays.Related Articles:
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