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Baby doesn't need more vitamin D than recommended

At the recommended amount, babies do not need more vitamin D, because they will not have stronger bones.

Baby doesn't need more vitamin D than recommendedA study in JAMA Pediatrics has found that it is completely unnecessary to give infants more than the recommended amount of vitamin D. The study looked at 975 Finnish infants: some babies were given 400 IU daily, while others were given three times 1200 IU. When the children became bipolar, they were re-examined and found no difference between the two groups, either in bone size or in the incidence of infections, " until childhood, "quoted researchers from as a science portal, writes on pharmaonline. Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption and is therefore essential for the body. When the skin is exposed to the sun, the natural way is, however, according to a 2016 study, as many as 40 percent of Europeans suffer from vitamin D deficiency. Adequate levels of vitamin D deficiency may increase the risk of angina pectoris and may result in bone and limb deformities.Related articles about Vitamin D:
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