The sweetener may not be so healthy

Low calorie or artificial sweeteners (which can be found in more and more foods and beverages) generally do not make the diet healthier, and they do not help as much as they used to.

According to the most recent study, which has been collated from the results of previous researches, there is no evidence that artificial (eg aspartame) or "alternative" sweeteners (eg stevia), non-sweetener (eg sweet) they are healthy, as you believe, and not that these products help you achieve an ideal body weight.We still do not always have enough of the sweeteners The authors of the study also want more accurate research, and call on the World Health Organization, the WHO, to call attention to the contradictions surrounding the use of sweeteners. The WHO attaches importance to the development of professional guidelines and recommendations for the use of sweeteners, because "their use is increasingly widespread and is constantly being promoted as a healthy alternative to sugar." published in a magazine, analyzing the results of a total of 56 research. However, the authors of the study emphasized that the results were not particularly "solid" because most research was too small or too short, so no far-reaching conclusions could be drawn. There was no evidence, for example, that those who used multiple sweeteners would have been much healthier than those who had not used such products, and even in the body hole was not significantHowever, according to a leading dietitian at Public Health England, the use of sweeteners is indeed authorized. "The sweets make it possible for manufacturers to reduce the sugar content of everyday foods and drinks," he said. dr. Alison Tedstone"There is no unequivocal evidence that the use of sweeteners is so much healthier. There is much better quality, greater and longer-lasting research is needed," he said. Joerg J. Meerpohl, one of the lead authors of the study. "Fortunately, for people who want to get rid of the hole, there is a safe and appropriate way to: drink more water and eat less sugars or sugars. There is no need for added sugar or for replacing sugar with sweeteners. "Other experts believe, however, that sweeteners are always the best because they contain much less calories than sugar and do not add to sugar. "According to current evidence, replacing sugar with sweeteners, especially in beverages, can be a good strategy for dealing with diabetes or heart problems" - Vasanti Malik, researcher at Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, also in BMJ. (via) You may also be interested in:
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