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The Saint Elizabeth of Jurassic Kourrbaz

In the center of Alfold, the birthplace of the Jubberian Hospital is exactly the same as the state-of-the-art Metropolitan Hospital. (Let's look at May 2010 status.)

The town hall is crowded here, of course, but last year's forty-year-old childbirth and cuneiform department also revamped our bloodshed.

Dr. Lajos Bördõs
Photograph by János Mossi

- Upbringing was supported by the local government. We are very proud of this, ‚ÄĚsays Lajos Bördõs, chief medical officer. - Particularly with the knowledge that hospitals are in a difficult situation. In addition to modern equipment, the ninth birth of St. Petersburg offers an alternative. Homeopathy is available to everyone.
"We provide women with the necessary homeopathic rewards," says Ferencné Tánncos, head of the maternity room. - This is the first time this medicine has been introduced in the country, as it has been shown to reduce birth and surgical complications. It is a characteristic of this attitude that all our employees strive to intervene in the birth only when it is absolutely necessary. Although we have the ability to support the natural course of birth, unfortunately, the number of cervical surgeries is also increasing.- in the last eight years it increased from 15 to 32 percent.

The three-bedded rooms are available day and night
they can have a baby and a mom together
Photograph by János Mossi

- It is also true that natural selection is not only allowed in the nursery, but also in other areas of life. Today, a woman with diabetes, severe heart disease or kidney transplantation can give birth, but in these cases, cesarean delivery is sure. In my opinion, the high proportion of cesarean sections is still increasing in the future.
Bearded Doctor is a vocation for cuddly parents, since all of your children are born naturally, cuddly babies, but in practice, other factors play a role:
- If the fetus is located in the pelvis, most babies will opt for cesarean section. Because of this, younger colleagues in many places do not even have a natural tailed baby, so they have no practice, so it is safer to have a cesarean section in these cases as well.Facts, figures
  • Number of births in 2009: 748
  • Ratio of cuttings: 32 percent
  • There is a three-person alternate living room, one with a bath.
  • Parenting and doctor selection is possible.
  • Babies can be with their mother day and night.
  • Awareness training and gymnastics work in the gym.
  • There are twenty beds in the class, one in three bathrooms with bathrooms.
  • The paid family room is about to be completed.
  • The father can't be inside the cupcake.
  • There is no visitation time, but children are shown between 16 and 17 hours through the window.
  • The family can go home three days after a cesarean section, three days after a smooth birth.
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