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The games are considered currency at the weekend

Already at the Allee Shopping Center, children and parents with a playful mood can enjoy the exciting LEGO Chima Legend carpet battle and reward at home this weekend.

The South Buda Revenue Center is home to LEGO Chima Legendary Kingdom. Entering the two-day event, they find themselves in a magical paradise where the animal strains appear in the story. This vilбg was once a haven of tranquility, бm kйt бllattцrzs now szбllt battle egymбssal the kьlцnleges termйszetfeletti kйpessйgeket biztosнtу CHI birtoklбsбйrt.A jбtйkos kedvыek akбr mindkйt days may tudбsukat, kйzьgyessйgьket, kйpzelхerejьket prуbбra йs the jбtйk erejйig oroszlбnokkб or krokodilokkб vбltozhatnak. And even those who want to compete can take part in the Speedorz Championship, where the most gifted are rewarded with special LEGO awards. All participants will receive one of LEGO's Chima lioness, Laval, from this exciting weekend program.
The event, which is open from 10 to 19 September, 21-22 September, is of course not just for the boys, but also for the little ones and the little ones. The girls are made with a LEGO Friends dollhouse and the little ones with a LEGO DUPLO play area.