Allen-Masters syndrome: may indicate recurrent abdominal pain

A common symptom of Allen-Masters syndrome is localized low back pain. Illness can lead to serious consequences.

Allen-Masters syndrome: may indicate recurrent abdominal painThe Patient Serpent Allen and William H. Masters written first in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Necnology (Traumatic Laceration of the Tape: Clinical Symptoms and Treatments). When presenting with lower abdominal pain, the syndrome was referred to as the cause of a broad lumbar spine - underbirth - but nowadays the Allen-Masters syndrome clinical types of endometriosis are classified as intermediate. The cause of the disease has not yet been clarified.

Allen-Masters syndrome

Allen-Masters syndrome is the endometriosis of the infarct in the uterine humerus. The essence of the disease is that the endometriotic hernia of the hashle develops. It can be a 0.5 to 5 cm deep scar, but in a lighter form it is a conglomerate clinging to the intestines, ovaries, drips, with a fixed lumbar spine.


A characteristic symptom of Allen-Masters syndrome is a returning to the lower abdominal pain. Menstruation is characterized by extremely strong spasms, pelvic pain (dysmenorrhea), and pain is typically transmitted from the back; the sexually-orientated egyьttlйt szintйn fбjdalommal kнsйrt (dyspareunia), pelvic tцrtйnйs Sъlyosabb all cases, the ъgymint szйklet- or vizeletьrнtйs also fбjdalmas lehet.Fontos that tьnetek йszlelйsйt kцvetхen minйl faster megtцrtйnjйk vizsgбlat a specialist to receive diagnуzis felбllнtбsa esetйn megfelelх kezelйst the pбciens. A more severe form of the disease can be a serious disease, the most severe form of which is the loss of blood due to the thickness affected by endometriosis.

Diagnosis and treatment

Endometrial abnormalities are seen in the cervical exam, but can be seen in the cervix, but can be seen with ultrasound and other well-designed examinations. with surgical treatment This can be remedied, primarily by laparoscopic intervention, which results in much less burden on the patient. With this, an optically powered device introduced through the incision across the abdomen has a direct view and operation of the abdominal cavity. In this case, it may be necessary for the wound to temporarily or permanently lead the intestine to the abdominal wall and to perform a new, artificial "stomach". Specialist: dr. Seven minutes Gbor, you have a baby girl.
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