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Be what you want your child to be

The apple does not fall far from the fern. When we are parents, it is not enough to ask what the child is like, while we are completely alive. Instead of words, it is the example that counts.

Family violence reignites itself: Children who suffer from their mother's blasphemy become twice as valiant in their adulthood.Be what you want your child to be My mother always lived a very unexpected life. Throughout my life, I have seen everyone put their needs above their own. He told me not to be like ั… and to pay more attention to myself. But now that I am a mother of two, I find myself neglecting my own needs just as she did. For myself, something that I should do better. But to be honest, this is not an easy task for me. I'm going to have to change decades of studs to be different from my mom. But I still have to learn because I want to show another example to my girls. The truth is, we have many more ways to mirror the patterns of our parents to our children than we think. And this is what our children reflect on us.
This does not mean that we cannot break the cycle of generation or that our children have no choice, but it does not mean that we are responsible for the behavior of our children. But parents could be more effective if we dealt with not only our children but ourselves. Here are five specific reasons why the best thing you can give your child is to be the person you want them to be.

I believe if I see it

Optimism may be able to quench pessimism. If a child experiences firsthand optimism even under difficult circumstances, if he or she believes that hard work pays off, then our children are more likely to believe in what they believe.

Children need a guide and a guide

The best example for our children of how to live a fruitful, full life is to show them their own example, if we are to live. Take healthy life, for example: it is not enough to just say that we are living healthier, so we must. We have to show him where to buy whole foods, how to cook, read the ingredients, etc. There is a need for navigation.

Parents develop standards

Have you ever wondered how you know "normal"? It is our socialization that defines it. If your parents have never moved or exercised, then we probably won't go to training. However, if you saw in your childhood cycling and exercising three times a week, you would not consider lack of exercise as normal. Parents develop standards and values โ€‹โ€‹in the lives of their children.

The power of repetition

Yes, if we consistently live according to some standard, then our children become like that.

Children can also be proud of their parents

That's why we pride ourselves on our children because we reflect on ourselves. If parents achieve something, they are something their children are proud of. Just like we are proud of him. You will think that I can do this too, since my mom / dad did it. It will encourage them if we do something. (Via)
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