Advice for smaller ones: special sleeping bookPublished by Ildi Szigeti Alta: Túdal cнmы Publication

Alta: Tuhdal is a childrens' volume that sequences the difficulties of falling asleep in a symbolic way of traveling over the Alta pille.

In closely related but different rhythms and mood poems, Alta Pille's adventure ponds about her condition in her own way - the sheep are enraged, the bee is envious, the whale's cock. On the CD accompanying the volume, the author, Zoltán Krulik (Makab based, composer and guitarist), writes ten poems, Ildi Szigeti and nine lyrics.The volume is preceded by a proverbial tale, in which Alta's Butterfly, by deciphering and transmitting the message of Warsaw, teaches Lulla Annan the secrets of silence.
The Alta: Volume Volume helps meditate in silence for both parents and children, only in the "here and now" moment. Children are still able to live in the moment, and the adult world begins to take them out of it. Meditation is an opportunity, a wonderful exercise to influence the functioning of our own inner world. The most important message in the children's book is that every change first starts in itself.
Presenter Balazs Lévai said: "The Alta: Volume is a valuable and enjoyable reading from 3 to 100 years old, which makes you entertained, and how great the evening is. it also indicates that the Alta: Tuh Facebook page has over 20,000 fans. "