Baby is worth dying for, Aladdin dampens the pain of sick children

The anesthetic relieves the pain of sick children, according to a study at a London hospital.

It is worth thanking the baby!

Not only does the anesthetic not only delight the little ones, it can do more: alleviate the suffering of the children - wrote The Daily Telegraph in a study conducted at Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital in London, vбltozбsбt. The patient was also expected to be small in number. They then compared the findings with two other groups: one of them was told to the children, the other was left to themselves. The comparison showed that only the small group of patients in whom they were singing had reduced heart rate and pain.David Hargreaves, a researcher at Roehampton University, the author of the study, said the results are a reflection of what many parents have spoken of themselves: the singing of children's songs soothes their children. Research has shown music also has an impact on the functioning of children's organizationsHe stressed that although research is still in its early stages, its practical benefits are obvious. "Music therapists are much cheaper than painkillers," Hargreaves explained.Tim Griffiths, a neurology specialist at the Wellcome Trust commented on the research. He said that there was an ancient part of the brain that was responsible for the emotional response to music. He believed that this region was more stimulated by music than reading. As a result, the state of excitement diminishes, and this has an effect on the intensity of the response to the pain.