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10 symptoms of thyroid dysfunction

Inferiority is a direct disease of the thyroid gland, it is a specific autoimmune disease, it is also characterized by predisposition and increased stress and lifestyle factors.

10 symptoms of thyroid dysfunctionProf. dr. Csaba Balabzs endocrinologist, a Buda Endocrine Center physician, collected the most common symptoms. Depending on the severity of the thyroid gland (hypothyroidism), the symptoms may be very diverse and varied, which is why it affects almost every organ system the disease. In addition, symptoms may occur with varying intensity and frequency.

1. Fatigue, weakness, insomnia

In the case of thyroid dysfunction, it is a common symptom that you get tired after 8 to 10 hours a day of sleep, wake up tiredly, and this condition lasts all day.

2. Problems with the condition

By regulating the metabolism of the thyroid gland, the abnormal functioning of the thyroid gland also affects our body weight. In the case of malnutrition, you may get fat, even if you have the right diet.

3. Mood fluctuations

Irritation, depression, or the increasingly common symptom of panic disorder, can also result from an overactive thyroid gland.

4. High cholesterol is also an intimate sign!

Thyroid gland failure may occur if cholesterol levels are not impaired by regular exercise and diet.

5. Cold ends

Coldness, cold intolerance characterizes the patient, even with the arrival of cold weather, but it may also be the case that the thicker clothes come out in the summer.

6. Menstrual problems

Stronger, obstructed menstrual thyroid gland than before may indicate malnutrition. Often, there is a thyroid problem in the background of infertility.

7. Animal complaints

Constipation can also be triggered by low vision.

8. Hair and Skin Problems

Thyroid disease can cause hair and skin conditions to change. Frequent complaints are dry, split hair, such as hair loss. The skin can also be drier, smoother.

9. Low heart rate

The number of heartbeats per minute is indicated by the heart rate. Thyroid problems should be considered even if you have a low heart rate.

+1. Family trickery

Thyroid predisposition also plays an important role in the development of thyroid diseases. If you have a family history of such a problem, you should pay more attention to the early detection of symptoms. . To do this, the determination of thyroid hormone levels is necessary, supplemented by ultrasound.
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