Developing a 3-6 Month Baby - Exercises to Help You Tips for 3-6 Month Baby

The following simple and loving exercises help the physical development of 3- to 6-month-old babies, but also strengthen the relationship between the two.

Fuck your head games so they can swallow

Parents.com has compiled some helpful tips that will also play a role in helping your baby grow.

Take it and kiss it

Touch touches the relationship between the two. Give it a kiss and kiss it as often as you can, knock something down your stomach. You see, it will move the part of the body you touch.

Look into your eyes

Smile at the baby boy. Give him lots of love, listen to him. You can never overdo it.

Get your attention

Shake a beak next to your head, turn the head and body to control the sound, and touch the game with your hand.

Allow yourself to skate freely

Let them move as they please. Lay it down on the ground to look, kick with your feet and make it like a little lightweight. Don't let them spend a lot of time in a baby sweater or baby carrier, because they limit their potential, and he needs to improve his movement.

Instantly move with the help of games

Put it on your back, play head-to-toe games. This improves eye-to-hand coordination, learns how to touch objects you see. Put your feet close to the game so you can randomly catch them.

Play it alive

If the baby can live on its own, make circular pillows, support it. It also learns how to play, to make small movements, to rotate, to use the muscles of the spine, and to keep the spine safe.Related articles in Movement Development:You can track your baby's development with our child development service.